Arresting Revenue Leakage For A Leading Operator In Africa

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100% increase in revenue within the first year of deployment

Call for Change

The largest telecom company in Uganda, with 13 million subscribers, observed a continuous decline in A2P traffic on its network, leading to significant revenue loss.

A robust platform that could monitor adequately, control, guard and therefore monetize their SMS traffic effectively was the need of the hour

Technology at Play

increase in white route traffic within 1st month
increase in 2nd month of messaging firewall deployment.
revenue generated within a year of the deployment

The operator partnered with Comviva to monetise and regain the lost revenue by blocking fraudulent A2P messages.

Comviva’s messaging firewall platform is one of the most comprehensive network-based and content-based security solutions, enabling operators to effectively monetize A2P traffic. It leverages machine learning concepts based on neural network algorithms to auto-classify the incoming message traffic.

Once the model learns the correlation between labels and data, it starts predicting the message categories to which real-time policy decision engines apply the actions defined for each policy.

Comviva also offered business consulting and operations, to ensure the platform is operated, configured, and updated with the latest security rules on an ongoing basis.

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