Enabling digital distribution of Fiber connectivity and IOT services through BlueMarble

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For a smart city project that will set new standards and benchmarks in the connected cities space across the globe

Call for Change

Comviva is enabling its client to lay the core foundation for enabling, distributing and managing Fiber connectivity and other IOT services.

In an ambitious endeavor to create a futuristic and sustainable urban ecosystem. Powered by advanced technologies, client is partnering with Comviva to build a robust tech stack and deliver innovative services to its residents, thereby shaping the future of smart cities.

Comviva is setting up a Business Support System platform that will enable its client to create, roll-out and monetize connected offerings and propositions, that will be distributed by strategic and regional partners. This platform will enable our client to launch cutting-edge products, with a faster time to market enabling faster RoI and continuous innovation.

Technology at Play

The project’s primary objectives center around expediting time-to-market, facilitating easy scalability, and fostering innovative business models for the initial product proposition as well as future growth. By adopting a cloud-based deployment model and incorporating pre-integrated fiber use cases, the smart city can rapidly roll out solutions, ensuring swift responsiveness to evolving market demands.

The implementation of Comviva’s BSS stack will yield tangible outcomes, including:

Accelerated Time-to-Market
By bringing new services to market, enabling the smart city to stay ahead of the competition and meet citizen expectations promptly
Enhanced Customer Experience
Through advanced customer self-service capabilities, the BSS stack empowers citizens to effortlessly access and manage a wide range of services, providing a personalized and context-aware experience.
Monetization and Revenue Growth
The stack facilitates partner management and revenue sharing, fostering collaboration and driving economic growth within the ecosystem.
Future-Ready Infrastructure
With a forward-thinking approach, the tech stack lays the foundation for future advancements and integration of emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, and Blockchain, ensuring the smart city remains at the forefront of innovation.

At the core of the smart city tech stack lies Comviva’s comprehensive BSS stack, serving as the foundational infrastructure and toolset necessary for managing and monetizing the smart city’s services. This stack encompasses a range of modules, including billing, customer relationship management (CRM), revenue management, and partner management. By seamlessly integrating these BSS components, a scalable and agile platform is established, capable of effectively managing the complexities inherent in a smart city ecosystem. The result is an array of services tailored to individual needs, empowering residents to effortlessly access and enjoy various amenities such as smart transportation, energy management, healthcare, and digital payments.

The BSS stack empowers the smart city to deliver personalized and context-aware services, tailored to individual needs.

The initial product portfolio focuses on wholesale and enterprise connectivity, leveraging a complete BSS IT infrastructure equipped with advanced customer self-service capabilities. This approach paves the way for future expansions into satellite communication, long sea cables, and beyond, enabling fully automated operations across all user journeys for both current and prospective customers

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