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Open APIs helped cut OpEx by 80%

Business Need

Our customer, a tier-1 service provider in Saudi Arabia, offering mobile, broadband, devices and accessories to over 16 million customers in the Middle East.

The operator had a complex IT environment with their webshop lacking any integration with the backend system and any monitoring and logging tools. Their CRM was disconnected with all other functions, including care and marketing that disabled the operator with from recommendation capabilities and lead to a broken sales journey. This complex environment caused delays in launching new products, services and promotions to market quickly. The system was not integrated with inventory and lacked support for digital payments systems. Also, lack of automation capabilities meant manual refund and reconciliation process leading to a poor customer experience with a cancellation rate of 75% – 85%.

Collaborating for Success

Omni-channel customer experience across digital and assisted customer touchpoints
Easy to configure the product catalogue and rules that enables rapid product and rules launches
Microservices architecture which enables faster development, delivery, deployment and high performance.
increased conversion rate during the sales process.
reduction in order fallout rate
Enable them real-time monitoring and Logging.

The operator went live with their new webshop, powered by a TMForum compliant and OpenAPI and microservices based Comviva’s BlueMarble Commerce solution, which was deployed as an overlay omnichannel solution replacing their legacy online sales platform. This provided the operator with a federated commercial catalog with order capture and generation capabilities.

The solution enabled direct integration with Order and Logistics backend system with support for their complete portfolio of products and services and allowed the operator to quickly enable new customer journeys and provided flexible customer experience across all touchpoints, with support for Arabic language as well.

Further, the BlueMarble solution provided the operator with back office administration capabilities including tools for operations and management.

Other key features:

  • On premise deployment on Openshift platform
  • Integration with webshop and mobile app
  • End-to-end sales journeys

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