mobiquity Pay: The Driving Force Behind Unicorn Businesses Processing $100Bn+ Annual Transaction Value

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Call for Change

Comviva’s mission to empower financial inclusion across Africa through a leading telecom provider’s mobile money platform. Our goal was to bring transformative change, touching millions and fostering economic empowerment.

Powering Financial Inclusion:

Our journey was to champion financial inclusion for over 31.5 million people across 14 countries with one of the giants in telecom services in Africa. With innovation at its core, our client offers comprehensive telecom solutions to 140 million subscribers, including mobile, voice, data, and transformative mobile money services. A continent with limited financial services access, we drove mobile technology and innovation with our product to reach millions of users. Despite hurdles, the potential for growth was significant, driven by a young population and affordable smartphones.

Our Approach: Leverage technology, bolster infrastructure, and build trust:

Strengthen distribution channels to enhance customer access. Expand mobile money’s reach, positioning it as preferred currency. Diversify the portfolio with merchant payments, enterprise solutions, and more. Embrace technology for a competitive edge. Foster growth by recruiting talent from within the customer base.Top of Form

Technology at Play: Transforming Financial Inclusion

Our client seized the potential of mobile technology to revolutionize financial services for the unbanked.

Leveraging Comviva’s mobiquity® Pay, the operator’s mobile wallet spans 14 countries, empowering users, whether banked or unbanked, for round-the-clock financial activities, from money transfers to bill payments.

The operator’s extensive agent network provides crucial cash-in and cash-out services, ensuring accessibility.

This solution has uplifted lives, particularly underserved segments like women, youth, rural communities, and SMEs. Offering diverse services such as digital wallet payments, microloans, savings, and global remittances, the platform’s 2.2 million retail touchpoints expanded its reach through key partnerships like Western Union, Ecobank, and Mastercard.

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