Unified Customer Experience with Integrated Commerce, Catalogue & Retail Management

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Enhanced mobile app ratings from 1.7 to 4.8 with 50% savings in integration costs

Call for Change

The client is a Mexican subsidiary of one of the largest telecom operators in the world, having regional presence in more than 90% of the entire Mexico region.

With heterogenous and complex B/OSS stacks for different lines of its business, the operator was facing a massive challenge of high operational expenditure with each channel demanding its own individual integration efforts and complexities. Furthermore, it lacked integrated inventory visibility across the entire distribution channel, high order fallouts because of incoherent customer experiences and a broken customer journey. Also, to bring inventory visibility across the entire distribution channel and enable real time tracking of retail store, forward and backward logistics, the operator wanted to optimize its tech stack and simplify customer journey at scale.

Technology at Play

saving in integration costs by built in simple customer journeys via a Centralized digital enablement layer
1.7 to 4.8
enhanced customer experience with significant upliftment of mobile app ratings
of significant increase in new customers in the app (2 million to 3 million customers)
Reduced Order fall outs and significant revenue upliftment across the channels
handled Bulk Orders per day for Network Partners & ~ 6600 Orders per month for Retail Partners with 90% bulk Orders within aging of 3 days
audit mismatch captured at network site with real-time tracking of retail inventory
Empowered Agents with an integrated single front end view across all stores and BTS towers sites

The project was undertaken in two stages that involved streamlining the backend operations to unify sales and customer experience, integration of heterogenous and complex BSS stacks with the help of Comviva’s BlueMarble platform, and second stage involving an app ensuring a seamless user experience with self-serve capabilities.

Comviva’s BlueMarble platform that included Commerce, Catalogue and Order & Retail Inventory Management solutions collectively enabled unified sales and customer experience. These solutions helped with built-in simple customer journeys via a centralized digital enablement layer, connecting prepaid, postpaid and enterprise lines of businesses across all customer touchpoints. Furthermore, it empowered agents with an integrated single front end view across all stores and BTS towers sites, and enabled real-time tracking of retail inventory across the lifecycle: On receipt, through the transaction, In transit, transfer, etc.

Comviva also provided the operator with a comprehensive user database was powered by our Mobilytix™ platform to analyse customer usage, behaviour and preferences insights. This significantly improved the overall customer experience by extending relevant information and recommendations in real time. To complement, Comviva developed an app powered by MobiLytix™ Digital to entended self-service options and ensure seamless navigation and discovery of features on web and app without extensive support.

Ultimately, the project supported the operator in becoming the top-rated Digital Customer Experience company in Mexico, by delivering a superior mobile app and website that offers exceptional performance, usability, and customer delight