World’s Largest Volte Rbt Deployment, Delivering One Billion Caller Tunes Every Day.

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200Mn+ active users with more than 90% penetration

Call for Change

The leading telecommunications network that truly has been “the driver of the digital revolution” in India is looking for a partner capable of transforming the RBT experience for customers of the country’s first and largest VoLTE-only network, while strengthening the music and entertainment portfolio of the telco. The operator wanted to disrupt the market by transforming the customer experience and converting a premium offering into an essential through bundling with the telco’s basic products.

Technology at Play

transaction powered by digital channels
active users with more than 90% penetration
tone downloads in a single day
users change song every month

The operator, who was a late arrival in the market, adopted this disruptive action in order to quickly achieve and maintain the greatest subscriber base on a robust and powerful network. To enable flexibility and operational efficiency, Comviva deployed its feature rich Ring Back Tone (RBT) solution with latest & Digitally Progressive Capabilities while also ensuring backward compatibility.

Comviva’s highly scalable solution supports over 450 million subscribers as of date. The solution worked as a catalyst in enabling consumers to quickly access services from the newly launched music app and create a digital first experience. This offering improves customer engagement and creates a USP for the operator. It set the basis for the operator to create more next-generation customer experiences quickly

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