2023 Global CMO Survey Report

The Business Value of Real-Time Personalization

Personalization is not a newfound truth but providing it in real time and at scale, makes all the difference. Personalization involves capturing changing customer data across touchpoints and harnessing the power of AI/ML decision-making to deliver personalized customer experiences.

Let’s explore the evolving landscape of personalization.

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Welcome to the world of REAL-TIME PERSONALIZATION

Comviva surveyed 300 senior marketing executives from companies around the globe to reflect on “the future of real-time personalization”, its economic impact on companies’ top-line growth, and the challenges ahead:

  1. Real-time personalization for Increasing Revenue
  2. Go big, go real-time, or go….
  3. Gearing up for the challenges ahead
  4. Building the real-time personalization machine: The ACUTE framework
  5. Starting tomorrow: Double down your focus on “person” in “personalization”

Download this report to learn more about how companies can reimagine their personalization strategy, rebuild their technology infrastructure, and rethink their relevance to form deeper relationships with consumers.

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