Unprecedented Covid 19 pandemic is impacting the entire globe and all business lines – telecom companies are no exception and are impacted as well.  On a positive note, telecom companies have been essential services for each of the countries due to universal lockdowns. Hence, telecom networks have become the backbone for the functioning of almost all businesses remotely during this period.

While the world still fights Covid 19, businesses are rapidly changing and adopting a new normal way to function – social distancing and no travel based business is the new normal. And as we see, it may be there for the next year or two for sure.

Having said that, there are three kinds of challenges telecom companies are facing or are going to face:

  • Short term
    • Need for heavy network bandwidth: This is because GPS based / Bluetooth based contact tracing applications are needed almost in all countries.
  • Medium Term
    • Pressure on operating expenses and prioritization of supply chain for various network
    • Inventory components and of course revenue and cash management
  • Long Term
    • Demand for digital self-care, call center support with proactive customer insights and optimized network based on higher utilizations and enhanced cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence can address some of the above challenges in the context of:

  1. Big data analytics for correlation modelling across multiple location, GPS and health apps data during the contact tracing process
  2. Predicting  cyber ransomware attacks
  3. Enhanced customer insights in terms of predicting the context of his/her call to call center and providing appropriate on call solutions.
  4. Predicting network element failures for the proactive fix up
  5. Predicting new normal customer behavior which is more spread across data , ecommerce apps, banking apps and other apps utilization and creating more collaborative enterprise business opportunities for telecom companies

With above opportunities for Artificial Intelligence for telecom companies we need to focus on creating solutions on some of the areas to rescue our existing customers and gain some new ones.

Mukund Shastri

Mukund Shastri

Chief Data Science Officer, Comviva