The key to monetizing mobile internet using policy management is partnering with the right solution partner who can provide robust and scalable policy management solutions to monetize mobile internet traffic effectively, along with the flexibility and capability to roll out custom policy management use cases. Most people understand the importance of scalability, reliability, vendor track record etc. Hence, instead of focusing on these aspects, we look at other very important parameters to consider before choosing a policy management vendor.

Flexibility – 8 dimensions to Policy Management

The most important attribute of policy management solution is the amount of flexibility offered in creating policies and plans. Operators have to bear in mind that the policy management solution is flexible enough to support different innovative policies that can be possibly implemented today and in future. In our experience working with more than 80 operators worldwide in offering mobile internet solutions, we have identified that a good policy management solution should allow policies to be defined around eight dimensions as shown in the figure below. Comviva policy management solution supports inspection, bandwidth management, charging and authorization across all the dimensions thereby enabling operators to create innovative offerings while optimizing network costs.


Standards Compliance

3GPP compliance is one of the most important factors to look for when purchasing a policy management solution. The benefits of a 3GPP compliant solution are manyfold. Firstly, a 3GPP compliant product is compatible with other standards based products in the existing operator infrastructure. These products shall also be compliant with other standards based products that the operators might purchase in future. Secondly, standards compliant products are easier and faster to deploy. Testing these products is also more straightforward and does not require vendor-specific knowledge. For the same reason, these products are easier to maintain. Thirdly, 3GPP standards based products are more future-proof because they have a more clear future roadmap than proprietary products.

Easy Manageability & Comprehensive Support

Today, nearly 50 vendors provide different components of policy management solution. However, most of these operators provide only a part of the solution. Very few vendors can match Comviva’s ability to provide a complete policy management solution that is flexible enough to adapt to rapidly evolving trends in the fast growing mobile internet industry along with the comprehensive support infrastructure to offer customized solutions. The following aspects differentiate a good policy management vendor from an average one.

  • Roadmap and strategic alignment
  • Faster time to market
  • Economies of scope in development, deployment and maintenance
  • Easier and faster customization
  • Smooth interoperability with other components of mobile internet ecosystem