When a mobile user recharges his prepaid account without requiring any pin or a scratch card, it is referred to as an e-Recharge.  These days, a number of e-Recharge solutions are available online upon paying for the desired recharge value. Also, there are multiple platforms available, on which the online recharge can be executed. However, a prepaid mobile connection gets the requisite top-up from its service provider only.

Within a rapidly changing market place, things have become hypercompetitive for mobile service providers. The various mobile recharge solutions push the prepaid mobile model to attain its full potential. They help the service providers to analyze, shape and control their prepaid business. They provide to the mobile service providers, a prepaid account management solution, which is highly evolved and complete.

Benefits of e-recharge for service providers:

  • They enable the service providers to automate their operational workflow in pricing, sales, distribution and inventory.
  • Predictive management of customers’ demands becomes easier.
  • Varied offerings can be outlined based on different customer segments.
  • They enable electronic recharge distribution along with an effective sales channel for VAS offerings in the developing markets.
  • For developed markets, e-Recharge solutions provide to the service providers, the ability to setup self-service recharge.
  • They offer the power to utilize the full potential of prepaid mobile service, diversifying its portfolio. Also, the go-to-market time can be decreased and utilized.

Service providers can handle the critical aspects of their business through e-recharge solutions. Such solutions comprise:

Products – The catering of diversified demands of different customer segments becomes easier with the regular introduction of new pricing propositions.

Distribution – It can be rapidly build and scaled and thus, newer marker can be reached easily.

Inventory – The alignment of supply with demand becomes possible with robust reporting. Thus, inventory management becomes easier.

Commissions, Loyalty programs and performance based commission can be offered for customer retention.

Being customer centric, the e-Recharge solutions provide an application for customers which works as a one stop solution for multiple recharges. They enable them to leap beyond traditional transactions and manage personal recharges, bill payments, SOS recharge, social media recharge, buddy management, card management, VAS retailing and other payments.  These are targeted at handing over full control to mobile users, thereby allowing them self-recharge options like automated and scheduled top-ups. Thus, they eliminate the go-to-market time. Online recharge Solutions have been built to deliver value across multiple business scenarios.



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