Scientist are yet to figure out what kind of data structure does our brain uses but trust me it’s highly scalable, accurate , flexible , deletes the least recently used data automatically , can operate on multiple threads , processing is quiet fast …I am thinking it’s not sequentially mapped unlike our computer memory (remember big endian or little endian) , and probably  doesn’t even operates on binary numbers .

Lets discuss different programming paradigms our brain follows and what happens if we GDB the Algorithm of Life.

Dynamic Programming ::

“I have not failed , I have found 10000 ways that wont work”. Edison

we tend to learn from our mistakes and our past experiences , Hence Dynamic programming. Next time when you are onto something and suddenly you realise i have done something similar already ,  you actually used dynamic programming approach knowingly or unknowingly . Other than that you probably found patterns from your past experience , hence the term pattern matching. So you dint even knew and your brain did pattern matching with dynamic programming.

Greedy :::

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed” , Gandhi. We often go to  a party , fill our complete plates no mater we eat all of it or not , hence Greedy strategy. we try to maximize our profits in order to satisfy our needs . knowingly or knowingly if a bowl of chocolates is placed in front of a kid he will always grab maximum out of it. Frankly speaking its not wrong, until our greed does not hampers someone else’s need.

Backtracking :::

“and a step backward after making a wrong turn is a step in right direction” , Kurt Vonnegut. We often drive to unknown locations and make a wrong turn , ultimately when we realize it we go back to where we made a wrong turn and try other paths thereafter, hence the term backtracking. we do it no matter what. backtracking would help us unless we reach “Point of no return”. you cannot come back if you fall off from a cliff , it would be too late by then.

Divide & Conquer :::

“Pit race against race, religion against religion, prejudice against prejudice . divide and conquer and we must not let that happen here”, Eleanor Roosevelt. So you owe 30,000 to a Bank and every month it’s getting worse and this gives you sleepless nights. Stop wasting your time.

Just divide and conquer. Instead of trying to take on the 30,000 all at once, take a step back and break it down into a manageable situation. Find a way to make an extra 2500 a month. Cut your monthly expenses by a few thousand a month. Whichever you choose, use that extra money to start chipping away at your debt. Before you know it, your 30,000 debt will no longer be an issue. Not to mention, you will not be stressed out on a month to month basis when you have your strategy firmly in place.


Verdict :::

Almost everything we do can be turned into a programming paradigm.

Enough explanation of what paradigms look like in real life , now the real issue .

Earthquake, Global warming , Poverty , Hunger , Cyclones  , Tsunami and the list goes on ….why do they even occur ????

algorithmically speaking we are recklessly disturbing the stack , we are buffer overflowing it. We have less members in our families and more cars , contributing to more and more pollution everyday , leading to global warming.

we eat less and prepare more dishes , we feed our dog with a 1000 rupee nutrient but wont even spare a hundred rupee to the one truly in need. we are filling our plates and not looking at the person who sleeps on an empty stomach.

we are ready to take loans for cars, homes and everything but we are not ready to give back what we have already taken from nature.

we are ready to build a thousand apartments, but cant plant a tree thereby following greedy strategy again.

Rich are becoming more rich and poor are becoming poorer . half of our population is below poverty line and we still need more.

one single person is not responsible for an earthquake but we all are, we have hacked the algorithm of life so bad that we might not be able to backtrack in  near future. CO2 (carbon di oxide) levels are increasing everyday , its buffers are already overflowing , we already have a memory leak in the form of ozone hole over Antarctica.

worst of all we have yet not implemented dynamic programming. when are we going to learn from our mistakes and past failures.

try and debug the various aspects of life and you will find a wonderful algorithm crafted by the almighty . we need to sincerely stop playing with it. our world would soon crash like  a program giving a segmentation fault unless we act.

We might not see the consequences, but our children will !!