To offer swift, smooth and secure digital onboarding and user verification solution to banks and payment service providers

New Delhi, India – 20 May 2021: Comviva, one of the global leaders in providing digital financial solutions, today announced that it has partnered with Accura Scan, one of the world’s leading and most advanced digital KYC (Know Your Customers) and identity verification service provider. Comviva has a broad portfolio of banks and payment service providers that leverage its mobiquity® product suite, which powers over 70 digital banking, payments and wallet services in more than 50 countries. This partnership will allow Comviva to leverage Accura Scan’s state-of-the-art digital KYC and identity verification service to offer swift, smooth and secure digital onboarding and user verification solution to banks and payment service providers.

Accura Scan makes the user onboarding process on a digital banking, payment or wallet service quick, efficient and secure by scanning the user documents with accuracy and speed and doing real-time user verification remotely, preventing frauds. Accura Scan’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology scans identity documents such as National ID, driving license and passport, and converts the scanned documents into files easily read by the machines with 100 percent accuracy. The information obtained by scanning the identity documents can be used to autofill the KYC form to simplify and speed up the digital onboarding process.

With the aid of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, Accura Scan helps in digital KYC verification. Accura Scan uses a video Selfie and matches the user Selfie with the photo shown in the identity document to do real-time user verification and authentication. Accura Scan also does a Liveness Check to ascertain person was present himself or herself while doing the digital KYC. Accura Scan uses novel 3D Selfie technology to capture hundreds of images of people when they take a Selfie video to verify themselves and creates a 3D identity map that can’t be spoofed. Accura Scan provides face match Score and Liveness score within seconds, accelerating the digital KYC process, while ensuring full compliance and security.

Comviva has already deployed Accura Scan’s digital KYC and identity verification solution in one of the leading banks in Middle East.

Speaking on the partnership, Srinivas Nidugondi, COO and EVP, Digital Financial Solutions, Comviva said, “Comviva’s mobiquity® product suite is constantly evolving with a strong focus on the market and is embracing cutting edge technologies for growth and innovation. The digital onboarding is a key functionality of the product and is highly configurable and can be customized depending upon the

requirements of the clients. COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation in banking and payments industry with special focus on digital onboarding of users. Thus, Comviva is joining hands with Accura Scan to provide a pre-integrated digital KYC solution as part of the onboarding functionality in its mobiquity® product suite. This partnership will significantly accelerate the time to deploy mobiquity® in banks and payment service providers offering digital services.”

Speaking on the partnership, Yasin Patel, CEO, Accura Scan said, “Accura Scan provides a comprehensive set of digital KYC services which includes document authentication and OCR, face match, identity verification and video KYC. The OCR product improves the user experience by enabling scanning of identity documents to capture required data for KYC, instead of manually typing the information. This, coupled with document authentication, provides a confidence score for the document, and prevents fraud or counterfeit documents getting presented as part of KYC. The face match product uses machine learning capabilities to verify that the users picture is same as that in the identity document. Liveness detection, based on artificial intelligence, further strengthens the digital KYC process by ensuring that person is live during the onboarding process. Our partnership with Comviva will help us to extend these digital KYC services to mobiquity® product suite deployments, and provide swift, smooth and secure digital onboarding and user verification service to the consumers.”

Comviva’s mobiquity® product suite includes mobiquity® Banking suite and mobiquity® Pay.

mobiquity® Banking Suite provides a comprehensive solution to banks and financial institutions to build, manage, optimize and deliver the multi-channel banking experience, as well as continuously iterate and engage the consumers, through instant configuration capability, personalization and experimentation engine. This empowers banks to deliver a consistent, unified and hyper-personalized experience, thereby enhancing the consumer’s value, and, subsequently, profitably transition to the digital age. It also delivers seamless, swift and secure digital payments to the customers, by facilitating prepaid wallet and leveraging technologies such as HCE, tokenization and QR Code.

mobiquity® Pay is a one-stop solution for digital money, e-wallets, and mobile payments. mobiquity® Pay is a holistic platform that serves consumers, service providers and partners, and it facilitates digital payments for all customer segments banked or unbanked through all form factors and modes, including USSD, mobile applications, IVR, Web, QR codes and NFC. For financially underserved consumers who need a digital wallet, mobiquity® Pay offers a stored value account in the form of a prepaid digital wallet. This solution can facilitate multiple financial transactions, including money transfers, bill and merchant payments, salary payments, financial-aid disbursements, business to business payments and more. It also provides access to micro-financial services, like savings, loans and insurance. For banked and carded consumers, mobiquity® Pay provides the option to make payment using a credit card, debit card or bank account.

Note: mobiquity® is registered trademark in India only

About Accura Technolabs Pvt. Ltd.

Accura Scan is leading Global Digital KYC and User Verification Company helping Banks, FI’s, Telecom and other industries with realtime and remote User Onboarding and Authentication. Founded in 2017, Envisioned the Accura Scan engine after detecting the vacuum in the User Onboarding domain and helping organisations to mitigate online fraud. Accura Scan’s No Code API Platform, SDK and API toolset helps companies to identify their REAL Customers. Its rich AI and Machine Learning Engine verifies User with its ID Scanning, Face Biometrics, Liveness Check, ID Forgery, AML Screening and Video KYC technology.

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