New solution to enable Banks and Financial Institutions to customize and automate workflows with enterprise-grade security and unmatched productivity

New Delhi, India – 16 April 2024: Comviva, the global leader in customer experience and data monetization solutions, today announced the launch of its transformative Low-Code/No-Code Platform.

Comviva’s Low-Code/No-Code composable platform is an extension of its existing mobiquity® platform and shall enable Financial Institutions, including Banks, FinTechs, and Digital Wallet providers to revolutionize the development landscape.

The new platform will help Financial Institutions to quickly adjust to market shifts, regulations, and evolving customer demands. With the ability to visually construct user journeys and workflows, alongside seamless integration capabilities with third-party systems, this platform promises to accelerate innovation and streamline operations. It will enable rapid adaptation to emerging requirements while the swift launch of new features will significantly curtail time-to-market. Also, with the potential for a 30%-40% reduction in deployment time, it will lower development expenses and elevate productivity.

Speaking on the occasion, Srinivas Nidugondi, EVP and Chief Operating Officer, Digital Financial Solutions at Comviva said, “Our new Low-Code/No-Code Platform marks a path-breaking advancement in the digital banking and wallet space poised to revolutionize service design and deployment by Banks, FinTechs, and Digital Wallet providers. Organizations today are challenged by the rapid assimilation of new technologies and the substantial investment is required to introduce new services. Our innovative platform offers simplified development cycle that significantly amplifies productivity, accelerates innovation, and diminishes time-to-market. The new platform will enable organizations to seamlessly address the increasing customer demands using intelligent native services and develop and deploy new digital applications quickly and efficiently.”

Comviva’s next-generation low-code platform goes beyond configurations to simplify the process of connecting systems, mapping data fields, and defining user journeys and workflows. It includes features like Service Flow Composer, Channel Composer, and Integration Flow Composer. These tools assist users with diverse technical backgrounds to effortlessly create/modify services, build applications, and integrate with third-party systems with no coding efforts.

Comviva’s Mobiquity® is the global leader in digital payments. With 90+ deployments in over 50 countries, processing USD 250 Bn annually, it powers consumers, merchants, businesses, and banks globally, fostering Telcos and Fintech companies to utilize its capabilities. The platform provides an array of functionalities, ranging from digital onboarding to bill payments and merchant transactions. It is an encompassing solution streamlining diverse payment instruments within a unified wallet platform, ensuring accessibility to a wide user demographic, spanning from underbanked individuals to millennials and Gen Z.

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Comviva is changing the world through digital experiences. Our innovative portfolio of digital solutions and platforms brings greater choice, faster time to market, and flexibility to meet our customers’ evolving needs better as they...