A solution designed to enhance customer engagement & value

With thousands of data points and interactions across multiple touchpoints, it’s challenging to respond to individual customer needs and to do so at the right time.

MobiLytix™ Real Time Marketing integrates data across multiple sources, builds intelligence from the data to build a rich customer profile and acts on real-time events to serve compelling propositions to customers when they need it, in milliseconds, before it’s too late.

It then orchestrates the engagement with the customer to ensure a superior consumer experience that drives improved revenue growth.

Key Features & Benefits

Maximise the value of individual customers and micro-moments

MobiLytix™ Real Time Marketing enables our clients to maximize the value of individual customers and micro-moments of interaction using advanced machine learning analytics and contextual real-time decisioning

Customer Data Platform

Real time & batch data across multiple sources unified to create a single view of the customer.

Real-Time Decisioning

Innovative in-memory technology & design delivers sub-second decisioning at scale.

Behavioural DNA™

Extensive personalization profile with Behavioural DNA™ utilizing more than two thousand behaviour identifiers.

Omni-Channel Orchestration

Sub-second journey times and ready-to-go channel plugins support personalized marketing through digital and legacy channels; outbound & inbound.

AI Accelerator

Enabling data scientists to rapidly build and deploy advanced machine-learning models on large scale data, with pre-built model frameworks halving development time.

Cloud or On-Premise

Deployed from the cloud or on-premise and scaled as needed.

Continuous Experimentation

Random target experiments run continuously to train machine learning driven models.

Configuration Flexibility

Roll-out use cases that drive the most incremental revenue and add more as you go.


Deployed Customer Base


Increase in Top-Line Revenue


Machine Learning Model Accuracy


Transaction per second Event Ingestion at Scale


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MobiLytix™ – Machine Learning-driven real-time marketing solution


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Comviva’s MobiLytixTM Marketing Studio is helping Communication Service Providers (CSPs) deliver personalized customer experience at scale and drive growth


MobiLytix™ Marketing Studio

MobiLytix™ Suite- Redefining Customer Value Management

Comviva’s MobiLytix™ is a machine learning-driven real-time marketing platform using customer insights and real-time decisioning to drive revenue growth and superior customer experience.

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