The global mobile financial solutions space is gearing up for the next wave of mobile payments. To meet this requirement, the mobiquity® Suite offers a comprehensive solution that caters to multiple customer segments, including millennials and the unbanked and under-banked. In this context, mobiquity® Suite aims to become the most advanced and comprehensive mobile financial services platform globally. Thus, the offering has been envisaged on three pillars, namely; speed, safety and security. The mobiquity ® Suite entails the mobiquity® Wallet and the mobiquity® Money offerings. The mobiquity® Wallet ushers in an evolution in mobile commerce by integrating payments, identity, loyalty, mobile marketing, location and social features and leverages technologies like NFC (HCE), BLE, QR Codes, biometrics, geo fencing and sound based payments creating frictionless payments.

Meanwhile, targeting to drive financial inclusion, mobiquity® Money is an all-inclusive platform that equips un-banked and under-banked consumers with a stored value account linked to their mobile number enabling them to perform multiple financial transactions including domestic and international money transfer, bill payments, merchant payments, bulk payments, ticketing, savings, loans and insurance. Apart from bringing the financially underserved in the formal financial mainstream, the solution enables financial service providers to acquire new customers, create long-term loyalty with existing ones, and seize new revenue opportunities to increase their footprint in the market.

Note: mobiquity® is a registered trademark in India only.

Unique Selling Proposition


The mobiquity® platform is a flexible, agile and comprehensive offering. Due to its micro-services architecture, mobiquity® supports dynamic service creation and self service integration. The platform’s open APIs act as ready-made interfaces that allow easy integration with third-party systems. By facilitating end to end performance analysis and reporting and enabling configurable rule based pricing and commissioning, the platform enables financial service providers to quickly respond to the market and business needs.

Safety First

The mobiquity® platform makes no compromises when it comes to security. It ensures that service and payment implementations are safeguarded with multi-level, bank-grade security in order to reduce fraud and increase consumer confidence. The security framework includes multi-factor authentication, data encryption, adherence to anti money laundering requirements and adoption of best practices in PIN and password management. Safety of the transactions is ensured by support for PCI DDS and external audits by certified agencies.

Assured Scalability

mobiquity® supports a cloud-ready architecture providing strong incentive to financial service providers to further their digital payments strategy and scale their service rapidly. Besides providing CAPEX and OPEX savings, the platform enables financial service providers to to deploy services faster, adapt to markets quicker, and serve their customers better. Adding to the mix is its ability to provide comprehensive real-time service monitoring and supports for several open source stacks.

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