Redefining Connectivity in the Digital Ecosystem: “ADriN, the Experience of the Future” to be Unveiled at DTW 2023

Imagine a bustling factory floor, where AGVs (automated guided vehicles) harmoniously transport critical materials from one point to another for production and delivery. But the rhythm falters when an AGV crucial to the day’s production grinds to an abrupt stop. The root cause? Overwhelming network consumption by less-critical applications, combined with an influx of high-volume inbound requests. The ripple effect? Compromised bandwidth for the AGV, halted production lines, and an immediate hit to business operations.

This is just one example of how today’s networks despite their prowess can fail to prioritize mission-critical needs and business impact, highlighting the dire need for discerning, intent-driven networks.

Today’s Landscape

Applications and devices today are more than just software. They are essential components of modern enterprises, and they are constantly evolving. As a result, the networks that support them need to be able to adapt and evolve as well. But there’s an overshadowing bias: we prioritize connectivity, side-lining the genuine user intent or application and device’s needs from the Network.

Decoding today’s digital crossroads reveals that telecommunication providers aspire to be dynamic digital ecosystem participants rather than mere data pipelines. Many enterprises have invested in advanced connectivity and cutting-edge technology, yet they grapple with issues such as low ROI, limited productivity, compromised customer experiences, unsuccessful pilot projects, and complex data management.

Meanwhile, developers, the enthusiastic creators of the digital era, often find themselves constrained by intricate network frameworks, yearning for real-time network interactions to enrich their applications.

The Solution Showcase: Comviva and Robolaunch at DTW 2023

At the upcoming DTW 2023, Comviva and Robolaunch, a pioneering AGV Manufacturer, will showcase the transformative potential of harmonizing applications and networks.

Comviva’s Application Driven Network Platform (ADriN) is an intent-driven, network-aware, developer-first platform that helps drive “Intent-Driven Experiences” with real-time application enrichments via on-demand network intelligence, transcending traditional connectivity boundaries.

ADriN ensures that applications and devices get the bandwidth and meet the latency targets as and when needed, regardless of their priority. This helps to ensure that mission-critical applications always have the resources they need to perform at their best, while less-critical applications are only allocated the resources they need when they need them.

Why This Matters?

In sectors where applications like – AGVs are integral, even brief interruptions can cascade into significant disruptions. ADriN ensures an environment where any enterprise business applications or their mission-critical services can operate with unparalleled precision, ensuring optimized operations with the best-ever efficiency.

ADriN stands out as an intent-driven, network-aware, developer-centric platform and paves the path for telcos, developers, and enterprises, transforming networks into intuitive platforms for B2B2X and industry-agnostic value creation.

Why should you visit us @ DTW 2023?

  • Telcos and NEPs: Maximize the value of your advanced network features and seize unparalleled network asset monetization opportunities at scale.
  • Enterprises: Envision a world of heightened productivity and seamless remote operations, fully leveraging your advanced network and technology investments with on-premises data privacy.
  • Application Manufacturers: Ensure flawless application operations with real-time network interactions, unlocking broader market acceptance.
  • Application Developers: Achieve rapid network-aware application rollouts and constant innovation without the complexities of deciphering intricate networks, always staying ahead of the curve.

Join us in this revelatory journey at DTW 2023, where Comviva’s ADriN and Robolaunch’s AGVs demonstrate the dawn of a new digital age at booth 206, ushering in an era where the application’s intent and network functionality move in perfect tandem.

Let’s simplify, modernize, and monetize your network with personalized customer experience.
Be a part of this transformative journey and co-create the future.

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Anindita Raychoudhuri

Anindita Raychoudhuri

Manager 5G Business Unit at Comviva. With over 8.5 years of experience in telecom sales and pre-sales, Anindita brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Anindita is not just a technology maven; she...