Comviva Ngage Communication and Network Platform as a Service (CNPaaS)

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Customer Engagement & Application Experience

NGAGE CNPaaS is a Gen-AI-enabled Communication and Network Platform as a Service, designed to help telcos unlock the full potential of their programmable assets. This includes network capacity and capabilities, offered through universal, simplified, and standardized APIs that enable scalability and on-demand services.

It revolutionizes customer experience by providing end consumers with seamless omnichannel communication and unparalleled control over their network. Leveraging the programmability, reliability, security, and scale of 5G low-latency networks, NGAGE CNPaaS ensures an always-connected digital world.

NGAGE CNPaaS is your all-in-one platform for Communication and Network as a Service (CNPaaS), designed to help telecom companies monetize their network assets and deliver superior customer experiences.

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Ngage CNPaaS enables telcos to offer superior service through a single platform that integrates Communication and Network APIs, allowing enterprises to harness the full power of their network.
This leads to better customer engagement, real-time network customization, and scalable innovation.
Embrace the future of communication and network services with NGAGE CNPaaS, driving the paradigm shift towards an AI-native, always-connected digital world. Unlock new revenue streams, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth.

Enterprise Precision

Tailor-made speeds and latency perfectly syncing with business variables and customer desires.

Seamless and Secure

Secure business applications, via two-factor authentication method

Monetize and Scale

Capitalize network capacity and capability. Scale across applications and domains.

Diverse Revenue and Growth Horizon

Seamlessly navigate around industries and around B2B2X landscape, unlocking fresh revenue avenues.

Telecom, untangled

Dive into a rich suite of simplified telecom APIs, abstracting all complexities.

Code to Connect

Design, test and deploy apps that sync in real-time with the network.

Key Features of the Platform

A holistic approach to customer engagement

The Ngage CNPaaS Platform is designed to cater to the new era of omni-channel communication

Package Management

  • Create base and add-on service packages for consumption
  • Demand based purchase of one time and recurring package bundles with
    flexible pricing

Account Management

  • Create accounts, roles and assign privileges
  • Define approval workflows to suit the enterprise needs

Programmable Components

  • Authenticated API onboarding
  • Easy integration into enterprise applications through programmable APIs on the platform

Conversational AI

  • Hassle free bot creation with zero code drag and drop bot builder
  • Proprietary smart NLP engine for human like interaction
  • Live chat integration for smooth customer experience
  • Real time analytics and dashboard
  • Chat logs for accessing and analyzing user queries
  • Launch on Web, Mobile App , OTT and Social chat channels

Journey Builder

  • Define workflows using drag-and-drop components and controls
  • Offer channel fall backs and opt-ins
  • Define, track & measure goals and performances

Policy Management

  • Strong policies on user consent, opt-in/out and privacy
  • Traffic policies such as cooling off period, DND, whitelisting
  • Network configuration based on device/application intent
  • Configurable criteria and business rules for service fulfilment

Intent Management

  • Decipher application intent and map to specific services
  • Derive intent based on data, network, and conditions

Multi-domain Event Distribution

  • Network event subscription management
  • Cross-domain event distribution

Network Discovery and Service Aggregation

  • Integrate with any network through pre-packaged libraries
  • Network finder for multi-operator deployment
  • Application-driven control for 5G, 4G, Wi-Fi6 or SD-WAN

Developer Experience

  • Developer tools to build, test, and deploy APIs
  • Sandbox environment and SDK
  • Bring your own API for enterprises

Campaign Management

  • Build, schedule and launch intuitive and contextual campaigns
  • Track, monitor and improve performance

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OTT: Whatsapp, Viber

Offers quick service on OTT channels like whatsapp and Viber where most of your users are present

Social Chat: Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram

Allow your business to interact with current and potential customers and provide them with a personalized experience across multiple digital touch-points


Capture customer’s attention by sending rich, personalized and contextual messages




Reach customers through channel that is ubiquitous and offers highest open rate


Quick menu- based two way interactive communication, on a non data channel


Secure interaction with customers using rich, branded, personalized messages through native messaging app


Interactive channel that appears as a pop up to drive real time customer conversations using SIM Toolkit technology


Enter into sustained conversations with consumers using videos, audio files, images, or even moving images (GIFs)


Growth in A2P Traffic


Messages Processed annually




Single Site A2P Messages/day


TPS A2P Traffic handled by ECP in a country


Annual Revenue for single operator

Use Cases

Use Cases Catalogue


  • Personalized communication for brand awareness
  • Transactional Information enriching the customer experience

  • Brand Promotion and offers for customer acquisition and loyalty

  • Launch IVR campaigns to collect customer feedback
  • Use AI enabled Survey and Feedback capability to collect feedback over chatbot

  • OTPs via SMS or Voice
  • Additional layer of security for business services

  • Book appointments via Voice Services
  • Send a voice reminder
  • Feedback and reschedule

  • Voice broadcasting on offers, product launches, and sneak previews
  • Notify your Sales for new leads with Missed call alerts

  • AI enabled self help queries
  • Automated transaction status
  • Notifications and FAQs
  • Ticketing and live agent escalations

  • Automate processes such as recruitment, employee self help, invoicing, Registrations etc.
  • Easy upload and automated verification of documents
  • Analyze information

User Authentication

  • HML bank wants to send security code to the customers every time they initiate a transaction or an activity on their account.
  • HML wishes to send the code through SMS due to its high open rate

Payment Reminders

  • CreditR wishes to help its customer remember the payment due date. If they still overlook it, CreditR sends another message to make sure that they never miss a due date.
  • CreditR uses SMS notification to send payment reminders

Alert for transactions that seem suspicious

  • PayUp is a UPI payment app that sends SMS alert to its users every time a login is attempted from an unregistered device.
  • The user receives an SMS to approve the request before the login is successful

Flight Updates

  • YoAir is an up and coming airline that wants to automate the process of sending real time flight notification to its customers
  • Rose books a ticket from London to Sydney and accepts to receive notification over WhatsApp.
    YoAir sends her the booking details over WhatsApp after the booking is successfully completed
  • She also receives further updates from YoAir regarding the flight , eg. change in flight timing

Virtual Assistant for KYC authentication

  • MyBank realizes that the customer verification process is cumbersome and wants to make it easier for its customers
  • It sets up a virtual assistant on the very popular WhatsApp channel to reach as many customers as possible
  • Customers can now easily get verified by uploading documents on WhatsApp

E- tickets for Events

  • Zack just booked a ticket to a Coldplay concert but is unable to find his ticket on email because of too many spam mails
  • He is a frequent user of WhatsApp and wishes to receive the ticket on the same
  • BookZapp uses WhatsApp to send tickets to its customers which can be used as passes to concert and events
  • Zack can now easily get tickets and other updates over WhatsApp

News Digests

  • BusinessFeed is a weekly digest for Global business news and events around the world. It wants to send these newsletters to its subscribers.
  • They choose Email as the channels considering the rich, personalized messages that they can send through the email channel

User Onboarding

  • Nurture is a e- learning initiative allows art enthusiasts to learn lessons on fine arts from renowned artists and teachers.
  • When a new users onboards , Nurture sends the Welcome mail over Email with detailed instructions on how they can use the platform and attend classes

Sales Promotion

  • Designry is a website that allows users to create a website and track the customer activities on the website.
  • It is offering discounts on all its plans and wants to send this information to its customers.
  • It uses the email channel to send detailed description of how they can redeem this offer

Order Fulfilment and Tracking

  • Jina wants to order food from her favourite pizza chain called PizzaKing but finds the app and the website very cumbersome to use.
  • To make this process simpler, PizzaKing sets up an ‘Ordering Agent’ on the Android native App (RCS) that makes Browsing of Menu, Ordering and Delivery Tracking easier using Rich Media elements.

Promotion Over RCS

  • CheckShop is a newly opened fashion garment store in London. In the upcoming holiday season, it has offered attractive discounts on all products.
  • It wants to increase customer reach and promote sales by using branded content over images, videos and interactive buttons to keep higher user engagement.

Appointment Confirmation and Reminder

  • BigSmiles is a dental clinic in Delhi. It allows online appointments.
  • Raina has just booked an appointment at ‘BigSmiles’
    However on the day of the appointment, he decides to cancel the appointment due to a personal emergency.
  • To make this easier, ‘BigSmiles’ sends SIMFlash message to Raina which reminds him of the appointment and also provides him option to confirm or cancel the appointment.

Social campaigns with CTA

  • As part of the health drive to fight Covid19 pandemic, the Dept. of Telecom has developed a mobile app ‘Aarogya Setu’ to connect essential health services with the population
  • To increase reach, a campaign is launched to download the app and get quick updates about the affected population and precautionary measures.

Subscribe/ Unsubscribe to a service

  • A private sports body is starting a limited “20 Overs” Premier league cricket matches and starts campaigns to reach the cricket fans. As part of the campaign, a daily alerts/updates regarding the match places, players/offers is sent out
  • Subscribers can choose to receive daily by subscribing to the service or ignore the message

Explore loans using Virtual assistant

  • NNR bank is unable to reach out to young working professionals and educate them on loans available and help them choose the right loans for their needs.
  • They find that the best channel to reach young customers is through the Social channels
  • NNR bank hosts a self service bot on Facebook messenger to answer all their queries regarding loans and procedure to apply.
  • Now it can reach out to more customers over this new channel

Answers all customer queries and decrease complaints

  • MyBank realizes that the customer verification process is cumbersome and wants to make it easier for its customers
  • It sets up a virtual assistant on the very popular WhatsApp channel to reach as many customers as possible
  • Customers can now easily get verified by uploading documents on WhatsApp

Customer surveys and feedbacks

  • HealthOxy is a recently established gym in London. It wants to conduct a survey to collect customer feedback.
  • It designs a menu based questionnaire and hosts the survey over the USSD Channela

Allow customers to Subscribe to their favorites services

  • E- News is an entertainment and lifestyle podcast that send interesting podcasts to its subscribers.
  • It allows easy subscription by using the USSD channel. Users can choose to easily unsubscribe anytime they want

Vote for your favorite contestant on your favorite reality show

  • Mattew is a vivid follower of a singing reality show called ‘Singing for Fun’. He wants to vote for this favorite contestant Leslie so that she wins the show.
  • Singing for Fun allows Matthew to vote simply by using the USSD Channel

Insurance Claims

  • InsureMate is an insurance company that has been recently getting customer complaints due to tedious Insurance claim process. It decides to take advantage of mobile messaging to keep the customers engaged.
  • Aziz was involved in a minor car accident. He immediately captures evidence of the damage by taking a quick picture on their phone and texting it to their provider. This helps InsureMate speed up the claims process.

Proof of Delivery

  • Basket is an online grocery shop that delivers food and grocery to customer’s doorstep. It found that even after giving the right delivery address and time slot, the customer worried about their product reaching them in one piece.
  • Basket starts sending MMS messages to customers with the picture of the package delivered at the designated place.
  • Now the customers don’t have to worry about their orders reaching them


Success with Comviva

MTN's partnership with Comviva's NGAGE CPaaS aligns with the company's commitment to providing innovative and practical solutions to businesses in Zambia. Also, NGAGE CPaaS has indeed unlocked new revenue streams for MTN in the Enterprise domain - validated by the growth of 285% in the volume of A2P messages sent by diverse enterprises over the last 12 months. The partnership represents a critical step in MTN Business's mission to drive business success in Zambia and beyond.

Mildred Bwalya ChicaGeneral Manager, MTN Business


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