In a world of dreams where heroes roam, drones emerge, a spectacle to be shown.
As Iron Man rises, we hear the clatter, a symphony of drones, what could be the matter?

In the world of fantasy, where “anything is possible,” superheroes like Iron Man, superwomen, and supervillains captivate us with their polished costumes, powerful physiques, and their ability to save the world. But as we watch these heroes on screen, have you ever wondered why they never face the kind of issues we encounter in our everyday lives?

Imagine if Iron Man’s trusty AI, Jarvis, experienced a call drop, and he had to ask, “Jarvis, are you there? Hello? I think you’re breaking up; can you disconnect and call back?” Or consider how his camera consistently provides high-quality images and videos, never failing to capture the action. It makes you wonder if Jarvis would ever mistake Iron Man for a foe and prepare to fire at him. And what about the hammer drones always finding Iron Man precisely where he needs to be, without GPS hiccups? We’ve all had frustrating experiences with GPS navigation.

But, let’s not get bogged down by these questions, after all, it’s just a movie, right?

In contrast to the hammer drones used as ammunition in films, real-life drones are being deployed across various industries for noble causes and business purposes. They’ve become an essential tool for efficiently accomplishing tasks that humans cannot. From agriculture to manufacturing, entertainment, and healthcare, drones are changing the way we work.

Drones offer a cost-effective solution for capturing high-quality images and videos of otherwise inaccessible terrains and areas. Startups are emerging, providing drones and robots for various functions, such as video streaming, surveillance, object detection, safety gear monitoring, and anomaly detection. These drones are powered by enterprise wireless networks, either private or hybrid cloud, and they’re changing the game.

Just like in the movies, these real-world hammer drones have their own “Jarvis” who helps in various sectors. They capture images, alert people, and even ensure no one is left behind at potentially dangerous sites.

Recognizing the potential of connected devices, many organizations are upgrading their network infrastructure to 5G. The possibilities are immense, with private 5G, hybrid solutions, and 5G standalone networks offering high bandwidth and low latency for IoT devices, especially in smart factories.

But that’s not all. 5G opens its network functions for applications, providing capabilities like quality of service, device location, device status, traffic management, and SIM swapping.

So, could real-life hammer drones program the network to enhance their performance and provide high-quality images or video streaming on demand? The answer is YES! With the right platform, much like Tony Stark designing his own AI, it’s entirely possible for drones to improve their image quality and pinpoint the exact location of a target, just like in the movies.

If there is a platform that aggregates and simplifies these network capabilities and can be consumed by your applications; If this platform allows you flexibility to design, test, and deploy your APIs as you need, yes, IT IS possible.

Imagine the potential: Stark Industries managing the flow of incoming drones in a city, prioritizing emergencies like “Pepper Potts falling off a cliff” over “Rhodes needing help to fight off drones”. – Ensure at least the innocent are saved if the bad guys are still able to get away – It’s all about managing the unexpected and ensuring a Minimum Committed Experience.

If we imagine Marvel Studios to be a telecom network in this superhero world; through this platform Marvel could explore a whole new revenue stream by billing Stark Industries on a per API usage basis, other than being one of the biggest movie producers.

In conclusion, if a platform like this exists, then YES, IT IS possible to make the best out of the underlying network – Save the world, entertain people, and optimize revenue, all at the same time!

That platform exists and it is Comviva’s ADriN!

Watch the ADriN story here.

Aishwarya Javkhedkar

Aishwarya Javkhedkar

Aishwarya Javkhedkar is a seasoned professional with a PRINCE2 Agile certification. She currently holds the position of Platform Product Manager within Comviva's 5G Business Unit. With a decade of diverse experience, Aishwarya has excelled...