Undoubtedly, mobile money has gained global recognition as a powerful driver of financial inclusion.

According to a new study, the total transaction value of mobile financial services in emerging markets (including domestic money transfers, deposits on loans, insurance products, and savings accounts) will approach $493 billion in 2021, up from an estimated $198 billion this year.1

On the other hand, industry data (Figure 1) for the last decade shows that the introduction of new mobile money deployments globally is slowing down. This is, needless to say, a clear sign that the industry is transitioning to a matured phase.

ace-blog1“Now established in the majority of emerging economies, mobile money is a maturing industry serving new business areas and enabling a wider range of digital payments.” – GSMA

With that backdrop in place, the industry players are inherently shifting focus from expanding to new markets or launching new mobile money deployments to maximizing the business value in their acquired markets.

There is a catch, though. The latest number of 21.2 per cent reported for the 30-day active users as of December 2016 by GSMA -State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money, and the statistic of the 90-day active mobile money users in the last five years shows that the customer activity rate has lingered around merely 30% over the time. This, needless to say, is certainly posing a challenge for the goal of maximizing the value from the mobile money line of business.

ace-blog2Looking from the business model point of view, the revenue of this business is highly driven by active usage of the mobile money service, since transaction fee is one of the biggest revenue streams.

As mobile money providers grow their active customer base and product offering, their ability to generate direct revenues from transactions also grows. In a mature ecosystem, a greater proportion of funds can enter the system digitally and circulate digitally, enhancing prospects for revenue generation.

To address the need of growing the customer activity and reinforcing the customer engagement level as well the engagement level of the mobile money agents, who remain the critical backbone of mobile money, digitising and disbursing cash, we unveil our latest product offering in this space: MobiLytix™ Customer Engagement for Digital Payments– a solution that fuels mobile money usage!

MobiLytix™ Customer Engagement for Digital Paymentsis an integrated marketing engagement automation platform focussed for digital payments business. It product aims at:

  • ENCOURAGING the use of mobile money services
  • REWARDING customers for utilizing e-money, instead of cashing out immediately
  • ENHANCING the subscriber and agent’s engagement levels
  • ENSURING customer loyalty
  • And thereby BUILDING a bigger ecosystem for mobile money!

With nuanced features like instant marketing on a transaction, unique registration marketing and making incremental revenue from incremental sales by adequately mobilizing and incentivizing the mobile money agents, this product aptly fits the widespread market demand, and has been well received at the Mobile World Congress 2017, Barcelona.

For detailed description of the product features, reach out to the author – Vishal Garg (Product Manager – MobiLytix™ Customer Engagement for Digital Payments)


1-Mobile Financial Services in Emerging Markets 2016-2021, Juniper Research

Vishal Garg

Vishal Garg

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