Amit Sanyal, Assistant Vice President & Joint head for the Consumer Value solutions business, Mahindra Comviva shares his views on the best practices and key challenges in this space.

Mahindra Comviva’s CXM strategy for Latin America

Enhancing CXM tools is key in the LATAM region.

Mahindra Comviva’s products span the entire customer lifecycle.

Best practices in Latin America

We have seen in that region, focusing on customer experience, we have also players focus on systems and processes which as a KPI also impacted customers and now what we have seen is that the region is now focusing on significant time and investment in analytics. Telecomm analytics focused upon marketing.

Mahindra Comviva’s Latin America

Mahindra Comviva is not new to Latin America. We have been a player along with several operators in close to 11 countries. What is new to us, when we were in the field of play earlier, when I compare LATAM to the rest of the world, the key seemed to be analytics, big data and how do I create actionable insights to improve my customer service and then overall experience. New acquisition is difficult, people have multiple sims hence customer experience management and input into customer experience management like big data, analytics and marketing .

From Comviva perspective what we see, let’s take Comviva as an organization we are not a one solution organization, we don’t have products that one part of the telecomm operators ecosystem or even one part of the customer’s lifecycle whether in content commerce, value management. What we have from analytics, big data perspective. Comviva solutions manage the complete lifecycle right from the onboarding of customer and what can you do, if he is dis-satisfied, how do I win him back , While other companies have what the industry calls point solutions providers where I touch only one or several parts of the consumer’s lifecycle but I don’t take lifecycle as a single event, but I say it is not a transaction for this event. But this is a solution in a sweet, portfolio format.  It touches every part of the customer lifecycle.

While there are several players to big to nascent, we have very few players who are industry recognized. How do I qualify? So recognized by an independent party versus an operator. So Comviva is one of the few whose solutions has been a suitable offering for the telecomm operators.

What we bring on the table is global perspective , when a customer engages with us for a particular problem set, what Comviva does is we get our global practices that benefits the operator hugely so you are unrestricted . Why Comviva is different and price competitive also.

CXM uptake in Latin America vis a vis globally

The Latin American market is similar to the Indian Subcontinent, that you see in LATAM, coming out of the Indian operations, however Comviva recognizes this, what we offer for LATAM is everything operating out of Latin America, so for the customer the proposition is in your language, your time zone.

In a Nutshell

From the Mahindra Comviva perspective we are updated with operators in the Latin American market and in the current year, Latin America is an area for high focus, we incredibly believe we can add value to the operators businesses and also significantly expand there KPI’s with the ultimate goal of training operators. Significant focus for Comviva this year, with a clear thought process that we can add value.

Amit Sanyal

Amit Sanyal

Amit Sanyal, Chief Operating Officer - Consumer Value Solutions at Mahindra Comviva, a business focused on Customer Value & Life-cycle Management solutions in the telecom space. A marketer at heart and with over 11...