We all are battling with these unexpected turn of events due to COVID-19. None of us were ready to face such uncertainty and to really combat the situation we need to hold our hands together. I hope all your employees are safe and connected to look after each other, as an organization we stand with all our customers / partners to help and contribute in any manner possible.

Some of the immediate steps are already taken at our end for battling this situation and support you better:

(a)    All our senior managers are aligned to the key customers to support them in all their needs

(b)   30 minute stand up meeting with all the team members to ensure focus and continuity

(c)    Full BCP implemented to support your needs. Both internal IT as well as customer delivery and support functions are well covered

(d)   I am doing a weekly review with all the key delivery managers on all our project, support and CR needs and ensuring appropriate focus and prioritization

(e)    Have asked our account managers to drive regular governance with the key stakeholders in your organization to ensure responsiveness and quality of support

Additionally, depending on the product we have deployed in your network and the versions running in there, we believe we can offer short term help to help you tide over the situation better. We are not looking for any additional commercials and the only objective is to help you in this situation in the interest of our partnership to tide this situation better.

(a)    For customers who have mobile money solution deployed (mobiquity) – Mobile Agents for At-Home Transactions – we will be able to provide at-home facility for agent-initiated mobile money transactions.

(b)   For customers who have PreTUPs recharge solution deployed –

  • Find my retailer – Operators can give standard notification (SMS) to consumers for a scheduled period with a list of favorite retailers (maximum 5) and their mobile numbers
  • Retailer SOS: Emergency credit to retailers from the service provider so that they do not run out of stock due to lockdown for mobile recharge services
  • Auto C2C and O2C transfers: Auto-replenish stock for retailers in case their stock goes below a defined minimum threshold for mobile recharge services

(c)    For customers who have messaging solutions deployed – Coping with the surge on demand

  • We can remove any license Capping on Messaging Software for the April-June quarter, to help deal with this unprecedented situation.
  • We can enable Covid related educational deck setup on our USSD Deployments, where users can browse and learn about the Covid.

(d)   For customers who have Comviva iPACS solution – a bouquet of services

  • In Comviva’s iPACS QRC, to help various groups like Elderly Help, Non-Covid-19 Medical Assistance, etc.  Operator’s Customers can call this helpline and iPACS QRC can register detailed input from customers. This functionality can also be opened from the operator Thanks App.
  • Due to Covid-19, governments are initiating manual surveys to uphold community transmission. iPACS can extend its Survey App through which people can generate QR Code for the information that is already there with the operator to enable faster data collection by the agents

(f)     Some New Solutions that we can offer:

  1. Contact tracing – Establishing location trail of citizens who visited foreign countries, where they visited and further chain for contact tracing
  2. Identification of bottom of pyramid – telecom data analytics to identify and support poor & unprivileged fellow citizens with delivery essentials
  3. Communication: Notifications to the suspects, those who are being monitored and call to action decided/suggested by authorities
  4. e-passes for essential and emergency services during lock down or curfew.
  5. We are also open and willing to participate if there are other specific problems that can be solved related to the pandemic

I assure you that the above new solutions and technologies mentioned would be free of any charges. We may seek support from other partners of yours for any help on computing, networking or storage infrastructure, in case required.

A lot of our friends are fighting on the battlefield with gloves and masks as their shield, we stand in solidarity with them and salute their efforts. I also understand that many others are being impacted due to the measures taken to fight this pandemic and many more can be impacted in the future. We are looking forward to working with you and other industry stakeholders to offer a helping hand to the government and authorities.

We are at your beacon call and would be more than happy to extend any help to you at this time of a larger social crisis.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

Mao Mohapatra

Manoranjan ‘Mao’ Mohapatra

Manoranjan ‘Mao’ Mohapatra

Manoranjan ‘Mao’ Mohapatra, CEO, Comviva; Mao’s career has been dedicated to the development and deployment of innovative software communications solutions in rapidly growing markets, transforming high potential businesses into true world-beating organizations. His track...