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Nepal: Financial Inclusion Scaling Heights

Today , as per Nepal Rashtra bank there are just 5958 branches and 4254 ATMS branches in Nepal serving 28.6 Million people. Despite recent efforts of central bank to drive…
Puneet J Verma
27th April 2021
Information Technology

5G: Changing the Way the World Connects, Communicates and Collaborates

5G is the fifth generation technology standard for mobile networks. To put it in context, mobile technology is, in fact, upgrading itself every decade! Take for instance, the jump from…
Manish Jain
12th April 2021
Business SolutionsMobile Financial Solutions

Digital Financial Landscape – Driving Nepal towards Digital Payments

Nepal, being a border for the two world's fastest developing economies - India and China - has eight of the world's largest mountains, a wealth of natural resources, and a…
9th April 2021

The Journey of MVNOs

Mobile virtual network operator Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is a wireless communications services provider which does not own the network infrastructure that is used to serve its customers. An…
Puneet Takyar
1st April 2021

Did COVID-19 Helped in Reducing Financial Access Gender Gap in Africa?

COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown and economic crisis are the biggest challenges the world is facing since World War-II. But there has been a few positives also in the pandemic…
Mohit Bhargava
8th March 2021
Software Engineering and Technology

Centralized Logging Using Log4j2 and Rsyslog

One of the solutions I was working on required including the concept of centralized logging. I thought it pertinent to share the approach I derived after some exploration. The requirements…
Noushad Ali
23rd February 2021
Business Strategy

IPR and M&As: how to protect the value whilst leveraging the full potential

Some dealmakers believe that IPR is something that needs to be left to lawyers and does not come under the purview of the dealmakers themselves. Nothing could be further from…
Neeraj Jain
23rd February 2021
Business Strategy

10 Questions a Buyer Ought to Address Before Embarking on a Merger and Acquisition Process

So, you are the chief financial officer (CFO) and today’s the day you are meeting senior colleagues to brainstorm on how to grow the company. You enter the room thinking…
Neeraj Jain
12th February 2021

Nudges and Influences in Financial Services

Application of Behavioral Economics Principles Introduction Analogous to several corporates across other sectors, Financial Institutes (FIs) have inwards-looking business goals to meet. Retail banks constantly strive to acquire new consumers…
Yogesh Joshi
3rd February 2021
Digital Lifestyle Solutions

Keeping Distance, Socially: Jumping onto the Social Viewing Bandwagon

Despite the trail of destruction left in its wake, has the ongoing pandemic created a “black swan” moment for online streaming services, albeit unintentionally? To put it in a nutshell,…
Shivangi Maheshwari
25th January 2021

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