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Information Technology

Helping Banks of the Future Build Super Apps for Delivering Superior Customer Experience and Value

Digital technology is reshaping payments, loans, insurance, and wealth management, a process that the COVID-19 pandemic has expedited. Most financial institutions have adopted mobile applications to provide better service and…
BlogBusiness Strategy

Telecom Retail Trends for 2022 and Beyond: Is Your Sales Strategy Aligned to Multichannel Outreach?

The future of telecom retail lies in meeting the customer where they are. And recognizing this fact, the modern CSP is busy investing in solutions and services that allow them…
Bal Mukund
19th January 2022
Mobile Financial Solutions

Fostering Green Financial Inclusion by Leveraging Mobile Money

The Advent of Green Financial Inclusion Climate change is a growing concern for central banks and financial regulators globally. Climate change leads to extreme weather conditions like drought and floods,…
Mohit Bhargava
3rd January 2022
Mobile Financial Solutions

COVID-19 Crisis Encourages Digitization of Mobile Money Registration Process

The COVID-19 crisis has stimulated businesses to redesign their customer journeys and replace face to face interactions with digital interactions. The trend has been adopted by wide ranging businesses including…
Mohit Bhargava
3rd January 2022
Digital Financial Solutions

Digital Wallets: From Financial Inclusion to Financial Enrichment

Digital wallets have revolutionized the financial services industry by providing instant and convenient payment to consumers. In many countries, digital wallets have democratized payments, by enabling everyone - unbanked or…
Mohit Bhargava
3rd January 2022
Information Technology

How the enterprises can address rising cyber security threats in a changing world

Data is at the heart of the modern-day enterprise. Data that is collected from numerous sources, stored, processed, and disposed of based on business requirements. With data as the foundation…
Manish Jain
2nd December 2021
BlogDigital Financial Solutions

Understanding Digital KYC: A Must Have Service for Banks in COVID Times

COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of digital transformation in multiple industries such banking. As per a study from Juniper Research, 53% of the world’s population will access digital banking services…
Mohit Bhargava
22nd September 2021
BlogDigital Financial Solutions

What is a Super App & How is it disrupting Modern Banking?

Technology has taken the banking domain to an entirely different level. With every service now available at your fingertips, the era of digital banking has started to make an impact…
Sreehari Janardhanan Achari
20th September 2021
Mobile Financial Solutions

On the Road to Success: Five Differentiators of Digitally Mature Banks

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered global business dynamics, perhaps forever. Like all businesses, banks and financial institutions are accelerating their digital strategy and pushing for wider adoption of digital channels…
Vivek Agrawal
2nd September 2021
Digital Financial Solutions

Digital Payments Revolution in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Sub-Saharan Africa region has become a very lucrative land of opportunities for providers of digital financial services due to the niche demographic and economic environment. The main driver to…
13th August 2021

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