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Internet & Broadband Solutions

Migration from SMS to RCS: Myth or Reality?

SMS has been a universal medium of communication for years. GSMA statistics suggest – 5 billion people globally send and receive SMS messages. That’s around 65 per cent of the…
16th September 2020
Internet & Broadband Solutions

The Rise and Rise of Digital Application Security

The average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million across all sectors, according to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020. The report also states that it takes…
Remus Teodorescu
15th September 2020

Changing the Rules of the Digital Services Game

The COVID -19 pandemic has, without a doubt, changed the very paradigm of digitalization. Digitalization has, for quite some time, been defined as "the use of digital technologies and digitized…
Atul Madan
15th September 2020
Mobile Financial Solutions

The Platform Component Concept Model

The Key Characteristics of Platform Components Built first and then reused forever: Should be built agnostic of specific business needs and then used for addressing business needs Externally programmable: Must…
Manan Malhotra
15th September 2020
Mobile Financial Solutions

Engineering the Next Gen Digital Banking and Payments Platform

Over the past few years, payment digitalization has grown exponentially.  From utility payments, insurances, microfinance, loyalty and many more financial use cases, digital banking and payments platforms are now processing…
Vishnu Kumar
15th September 2020

Why Edge Cloud Delivery Networks are an Essential Cog in the High Data Consumption Wheel

There’s no doubting it-companies are increasingly shifting their deployments to the cloud, leaving the option of “on premise” behind. And why not? This is, after all, a challenging time for…
Manish Jain
18th May 2020

We Wish You a Safe Time

We all are battling with these unexpected turn of events due to COVID-19. None of us were ready to face such uncertainty and to really combat the situation we need…
Messaging Solutions

Evolution of Messaging in Telecom

Since the advent of telecommunication, SMS messaging has played an important role in communication. The usage of SMS messaging service has evolved over a period of time. Starting from personal…
Santosh Nayak
25th March 2020

AI & Machine Learning thwarts threat to enterprise messaging ecosystems

Deshbandhu Bansal, chief operating officer, Messaging Solutions at Comviva Technologies looks at the importance of controlling messaging Enterprise loves messaging; it allows them to engage their customers in the most…
Deshbandhu Bansal
6th March 2020
Guest Blogs

The Digital Enterprise: Outperforming Your Competition

With the digital world of data becoming the focal point of discussions and innovation, there is unparalleled hype over what it takes to be a digital enterprise in this day…
Ronald Van Loon
3rd March 2020

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