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IOS Automated Distribution - ComvivaBlogs

iOS : Automated Build Distribution — FastLane & Firebase & Jenkins — Part 1

In Comviva we follow Automated Build distribution as per below — AdHoc Build Creation Using FastLane Distribution of builds to QA OR Stake Holders via Firebase Jenkins Job SetUp to…
Md Mozammil
22nd August 2023

Server-Driven UI — Concepts and Building Blocks

In summary, the article presents Server-Driven UI (SDUI) as a more efficient and flexible approach to app development. SDUI relies on the server to dictate the app’s UI, with changes…
10th August 2023
Revolutionizing Software Development - ComvivaBlogs

Revolutionizing Software Development: Our Journey with AI-Powered Coding & Testing with ChatGPT

In this article, I have explained how OpenAI’s ChatGPT transformed our team’s Android and iOS app development process, enhancing code review, enabling code conversion, automating data class generation and test…
Swagata Acharyya
9th August 2023

Gamification in Telecom: Revolutionizing Engagement and Communication

In the competitive telecom industry, enhancing distribution channels and engaging with customers is crucial for achieving success. By incorporating gamification, telecom companies can transform the way they interact with users,…
Sagun Pratap Singh
8th August 2023
Illustration related to (Worldwide Developers Conference) and health technology - ComvivaBlogs

WWDC’23 — Key points

Introduction Apple’s 34th Worldwide Developers Conference happened on June, 2023 and Apple has introduced new features and enhancements for iOS, iPadOS, macOS and Watch OS. Apple also introduced new Apple…
Kaushik Nayak
1st August 2023

Swift Package Manager

Introduction The Swift Package Manager (SPM) is a powerful tool for managing dependencies in Swift projects. With its straightforward syntax and seamless integration into Xcode, SPM offers a robust and…
27th July 2023
AWS MSK and Debezium - ComvivaBlogs

CDC from Postgres with AWS MSK and Debezium

Objective: We want to create a CDC data pipeline from RDS Postgres using the Debezium Postgres source connector which will capture all the data events from the mentioned tables and…
Ranjan Singhal
25th July 2023

Outperform Your Competitors through the Game of Real-Time Personalization

How can brands effectively tailor their content and experiences to meet the unique needs and preferences of their users? Effective personalization in real-time to meet user needs and preferences is…
Greg Armstrong
21st July 2023
Kotlin table concept - ComvivaBlogs

Kotlin Coroutines Part -1

Introduction In Modern application Asynchronous Programming is very important and it’s a necessary part to make our app responsive. It will increase the amount of work that can perform in…
Abubackkar Shithik
20th July 2023

End to End encryption in Mobiquity Pay & Banking suite

Introduction Mobile banking and wallet apps have revolutionized the way we manage our finances. From checking account balances to making transfers, these apps provide convenience, accessibility, and control right at…
Swagata Acharyya
19th July 2023

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