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Messaging Solutions

RCS: No Longer Waiting in the Wings

In a fragmented communications landscape, companies have to fight hard for consumer attention. From a marketing and customer engagement perspective, this can be exhausting. SMS has, of course, been around…
Deshbandhu Bansal
5th August 2019

The Progressive Marketing Campaigns of the New Age

The golden rule of marketing – “Know Your Customer”. The marketing campaigns, over the years have evolved based on this premise of the golden rule of marketing. First came product…
Santosh Hungundmath
21st May 2019
Customer Experience Management

How (or) Does AI Simplify the CXM Game?

Penning blogs on customer experience management (CXM) can get tricky after a while. The bottom-line of each piece is simple-a sound CXM strategy can make or break a business.Here’s the…
Amit Sanyal
3rd May 2019

Technologies That will Transform Telecom in the Coming Years

As you feel your way into the new year, one question dominates several boardroom conversations–what’s the next big thing in technology that will transform telecom over the medium to long…
24th April 2019

A Peek into the Future: How Telecommunications will Evolve in the Coming Years

Telecommunications, as we have known it over the decades, is now dead. Traditional services such as voice, messaging and data are increasingly getting commoditized, and subscriber acquisition costs keep rising…
24th April 2019

How Online Media Platforms Are the Best Bet in a Changing Content Landscape

Without a doubt, ensuring access to digital content is atop every enterprise’s priority list. The aim is simple-extending the reach of, monetizing and analyzing one’s content portfolio. This is, of…
Manish Jain
19th March 2019

The Changing Content Consumption Patterns: Driving Innovations, Creating Opportunities

The Trends Have Shifted There’s no doubt about it - the mobile handset has taken center stage! Not just that but a customer’s usage patterns has undergone a paradigm shift!…
Manish Jain
14th March 2019
Guest Blogs

Financial Inclusion in India: Crossing the Chasm

Over the last few years, India has made significant strides in terms of financial inclusion. As per the World Bank’s Global Findex Database, that is. However, there remain multiple areas…
Mohit Bhargava
31st January 2019
Digital Lifestyle Solutions

Leveraging the Promise of 5G with Next Generation OSS/BSS Stacks

The era of 5G is (almost) upon us. While officially not due until 2020, it has already made its debut-of sorts. I allude, of course, to the 2018 Winter Olympics…
Atul Madan
12th November 2018
Guest Blogs

Telecom: How to Tap into the $22 Billion Ecosystem Opportunity

The digital world is growing for telecom operators. With advanced options and the opportunity to get shares in a rapidly advancing market, operators are realizing the impact of improved operational…
Ronald Van Loon
15th October 2018

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