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Managed VAS

Is VAS having a Mid-Life Crisis?

While reflecting on the past 15 plus years of my working life spent in the VAS space (including business support systems) in the rapidly evolving telecom industry in India and…
Mahesh Ghatage
19th October 2012
Mobile Financial Solutions

Towards A Cash-Lite Economy

Cash is dead. Long live cash! Mobile cash to overtake physical cash by 2020 This might sound unreal, but if you think about how technology has changed the world in…
Srinivas Nidugondi
24th September 2012
Mobile Data Platform

Managing, Optimizing and Monetizing Mobile Data

Mobile broadband has reached a turning point, esp. in emerging markets. Although growth and usage patterns exhibit a high degree of variability, mobile broadband traffic volumes have been registering exponential…
17th August 2012
Mobile Data Platform

Mobile Data – Outpacing Revenue Opportunities

These days, “Mobile Data”, is fast becoming a hot topic globally. This could be attributed to the proliferation of smart devices, smart networks and a smart subscriber base that is…
31st July 2012
Business Solutions

Manage your business better with Mahindra Comviva’s Business Solutions!

Mahindra Comviva’s Business Solutions, comprising of CRM and billing, have added two components to provide a feature rich platform to operators that ensure better customer management, higher ARPUs driven customer…
1st January 2011

How to ensure your enterprise messaging solutions are secure

An enterprise messaging system (EMS) is a range of published organization-wide standards through which enterprises can send semantically precise messages between computer systems. Usually, EMS has loosely coupled architecture that can change…
1st January 2011

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