There are several features which make call management systems an indispensable part of any business. They are:

Auto Attendant:

This is the most indispensable part of a business call management system. It greets the caller, provides them with a list of alternatives that they can choose from and directs them to the correct person or department. It is said that the first impression is the best impression, and this auto attendant is what helps a business make an effective first impression.

Automatic call forwarding:

Through this feature, incoming calls are redirected through a series of alternative devices till they are answered or go into a voicemail box. The biggest advantage is that the chain of forwarding calls depend on the business and the organization can decide who will receive them.

Voicemail to email transcription:

This is a system which saves the time of listening to voicemails by converting voicemails into emails. The good thing is, once converted to e-mail, it can help someone catch up with pending work on the go. It improves business accessibility to a great extent.

Call Management options:

A call management system comes with various call management options like monitor, barge, record, caller identification, etc. Monitor helps senior management to keep a tab on conversations going on, through barge, people can interject into a conference call if need be. All calls going through the call management system can be recorded for future reference. Caller identifications helps businesses identify the source of the call. All these are crucial in the successful operation of a business.

Conference Calling:

Most telephone management system entail a conference calling facility through which innumerable users can speak to each other simultaneously irrespective of their geographic location. Thus, operating businesses across the globe becomes easier.



While call management systems have a number of advantages, here are a few listed below:

Efficient Cost Management:

If one considers the cost of purchasing a call management service vis-à-vis hiring manpower for handling multiple lines, call management service will always prove to be cheaper. Not only is the one time cost lesser, the monthly phone bills will also come down.

Support to business:

A call management system provides professional business support. Moreover, a call management system entails user support which helps resolve any query or issues while performing day to day business.

Recording and Reporting:

A call management system enables a business to record a call and report it efficiently. This has long term advantages especially in times of a lawsuit or civil case where old call recordings might have to be replayed. This helps in fraud detection as well.

Integration with other devices:

Today’s sophisticated call management systems integrate various other devices including mobiles and tabs so that an all inclusive call management can be achieved by the business.

Today, having an effective call management system is not just beneficial but necessary for running a business successfully. Businesses which do not employ call management system will find them at a loss in future especially since business environment is getting complicated day by day.



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