Mobile POS is the next in thing in the mobile payment solution market in India. The number of choices is increasing and are expected to rise manifold in the next five years. Research reveals that mobile POS devices will increase at a compound rate of 32% per year till 2019.

POS evolved to make life easier for retailers. A product database is stored in the register which is attached to a computer and an on-site server. More often than not, a barcode reader is also attached, removing the requirement of a manual entry. The computer and the server store transaction details electronically. Well, as with all other types of technology, POS system also evolved rapidly. Soon, information was stored in cloud servers for accessing anywhere anytime.

People today want convenience on the go, and so do businesses. Today, everything is location agnostic. So why should payment be confined to one place? Mobile POS makes it easy for businesses to accept payments where-ever you want and whenever you want. All you need is a mobile or a tablet and a good internet connection.

How does a Mobile POS work?

So how does it work? It’s very simple, and just a matter of three steps:

Step 1: Businesses have to choose a mobile POS solution which can empower the business to accept sales. The payment location can be online or at a retail store.

Step 2: Simply download the app from the app store and set up an account with the service provider. Alternatively, you can also create an account with the mobile POS provider on their website and download their app.

Step 3: Connect a mobile POS reader to your device through Bluetooth or the audio jack. You then need to sync the reader to downloaded apps and you are then ready to accept cards.

You can do business where-ever you want. Just tap, swipe or dip a customer’s card on your mobile. The app will then authorize the secure transaction and the transaction will flow. The receipt is given to the customer through mobile SMS or email id.

payPlus is one of the leading mobile POS providers in India currently. It has empowered businesses across the country to provide the convenience of card payment to customers, win back lost sales opportunities and win loyal customers. If you have been looking for the right payment partner for your business, look no further. Take the advantage of the most efficient mobile POS provider in India – payPLUS.


Benefits for Businesses

If as a business, you are still contemplating whether you should install mobile POS for your business or not, we can give you a lot of reasons why you should:

Customer Focussed:

Needless to say, the first and the most important benefit of mobile POS is that it is customer friendly. By accepting payments anytime, anywhere, you are providing a convenience to your customers. And happy customers are the backbone of a successful business. Enhancing customer experience has resulted in increased sales for millions of businesses across the globe.

Easier crowd management

Mobile POS systems have made crowd management extremely easy. Say bye bye to long queues at the cash counter because mPOS is easy to use and the turnaround time is very fast. The wait for the server to respond after swiping cards is over.

Sell Anywhere

Mobile POS has made selling products anywhere is easy. If there is fair in a target locality, you don’t need to think twice before setting up a shop. No need for moving the traditional hardware of POS, all you need is a mobile or a tablet and an internet connection.

Price and Inventory Lookup

Mobile POS systems not only accept payment, they have a whole set of bundled services that a business can take advantage of. For example, payPLUS has inbuilt CRM to help businesses access important customer data like shopping pattern, payment pattern, frequently bought articles etc. This helps businesses plan their inventory successfully. It also helps businesses modify their prices to conveniently price the frequently bought articles and benefit from them.

Value Added Services

Most mobile POS providers provide a number of value-added services for subscribers and customers. For example, payPLUS runs various campaigns and loyalty programs to retain customers. payPLUS also ties up with different service providers to present customers with coupons and discounts.

The Mobile POS market in India is growing at a 10% rate every year. The number of mobile terminals has grown by 50% in the last one year. Pretty soon, most businesses will be moving on to mobile POS and it is high time you do so too. Take advantage of the new technology now before your competitors surge ahead of you.



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