Apple’s 34th Worldwide Developers Conference happened on June, 2023 and Apple has introduced new features and enhancements for iOS, iPadOS, macOS and Watch OS. Apple also introduced new Apple Vision Pro, Macbook air and enhancement in Mac Studio.

Lets us see some of the important features discussed in this event.

iOS 17

Contact Posters – 

Apple has added a new feature to the Contacts and Phone app that enables users to personalize their contact profiles. This feature allows users to create distinctive posters using Animoji, images, and text. Moreover, users have the flexibility to customize their name by selecting from a range of diverse font styles and colors.

iMessage gets an update –

Apple has added search filters to the Messages app, enhancing the chatting experience with refined search results. These filters help users quickly find specific messages, contacts, or media, streamlining the process and improving overall efficiency.

FaceTime –

Apple’s FaceTime now allows users to leave video messages when calls go unanswered. Users can record personalized video messages that recipients can watch instantly from a notification. This feature enables seamless video communication, even when real-time connection is not possible.

Live Voicemail –

In the latest update, if you can’t answer a call right away, you can press the voicemail button to send the caller directly to voicemail. While they leave a message, you receive a live transcription of their speech. This transcription allows you to quickly decide whether to call them back immediately or at a more convenient time. This feature improves call management by providing you with timely information to make informed decisions.

StandBy –

When you position your iPhone on a wireless charger in landscape orientation, it triggers StandBy mode. In StandBy mode, you can effortlessly glimpse significant details like the current time, weather updates, calendar events, and more. You have the option to personalize the content shown in StandBy mode, ensuring that the most relevant information is prioritized. This functionality enhances the wireless charging experience by granting you swift access to vital details while your iPhone is in landscape mode.

Journal App –

This private app offers on-device processing, ensuring that all your data is processed locally without being sent to external servers. It comes with end-to-end encryption, providing robust security and privacy for your personal information. Additionally, the app can be locked, adding an extra layer of protection.

This app serves as a personal diary with the added smart features of a smartphone. It automatically suggests relevant entries based on your activities throughout the day, making it effortless to capture important moments and reflections. With this app, you can have the convenience of a smartphone while maintaining the privacy and security of your personal diary. Apple assures that even they cannot access the content within the app, emphasizing the strong commitment to user privacy.

Keyboard Autocorrection and Predictive Text –

The latest update brings significant improvements to keyboard autocorrection and predictive text on your iPhone. You can expect a much better typing experience with more accurate autocorrection and smarter predictions. These enhancements aim to make typing on your iPhone easier and more efficient, helping you communicate and express yourself with greater accuracy.

Interactive Widgets –

Widgets on the iPhone now offer interactivity, allowing users to directly control various functions. Instead of just “gracefully animating,” these interactive widgets enable users to take action without opening the respective apps. For example, you can control lights directly from the home widget or start playing music right from the widget itself. This enhanced interactivity adds convenience and efficiency to the user experience, providing quick access to commonly used features and functionality.

NameDrop –

NameDrop, a new feature, simplifies the process of sharing contact information on your iPhone. By bringing your device close to another person’s iPhone, you can effortlessly share your contact details without the need for manual input or exchanging business cards. This feature streamlines the contact sharing process, making it quick and convenient for users to exchange information with others.

iPadOS 17

Personalise your Lock Screen –

In the latest update, the lock screen customization options have expanded significantly. Users can now personalize their lock screen with new wallpapers, Live Photo wallpapers, and even add Live Activities. Live Activities allow you to monitor specific events such as timers, game scores, or the status of your Uber Eats order directly from the lock screen. These enhancements provide greater flexibility and convenience in customizing and accessing relevant information right from the lock screen.

New PDF tools –

Apple has introduced AutoFill functionality for working with PDFs on the iPad, making the process much more convenient. Leveraging machine learning capabilities, the iPad can now intelligently identify and automatically fill in fields within forms. This feature saves time and effort, allowing users to quickly complete and submit PDF forms without the need for manual input. The integration of AutoFill enhances productivity and streamlines the workflow for users who frequently work with PDF documents on their iPad.

Interactive Widgets –

Apple is introducing an enhanced way to interact with widgets on iOS. Users will now have the ability to perform actions directly from widgets, such as turning on lights or playing a song, by simply tapping on them. This seamless interaction with widgets adds convenience and efficiency, allowing users to control various functions without the need to open specific apps. With this new feature, iOS users can access essential actions and perform tasks more quickly and effortlessly.

Messages –

Apple is bringing the exciting new stickers experience showcased in iOS to iPadOS as well. Users on iPadOS can expect to enjoy the same functionality, which allows them to extract subjects from photos and create Live Stickers with playful effects. These dynamic stickers can be used wherever emoji are accessible, providing a fun and expressive way to enhance conversations. iPadOS users can now unleash their creativity and personalize their messages with the new sticker features, adding an extra element of fun to their communication.

FaceTime –

In the upcoming update, FaceTime will introduce the ability to leave video and audio messages. This means that if you are unable to answer a FaceTime call, you will have the option to leave a video or audio message for the caller. This feature allows for seamless communication even when you are not available for a real-time conversation. It provides a convenient way to share messages, thoughts, or updates with your contacts through FaceTime, enhancing the overall communication experience.

Safari –

Apple’s web browser is set to introduce Profiles, enabling users to separate their work-related browsing activities from their private browsing sessions. With Profiles, users can create distinct profiles dedicated to specific purposes, such as work or personal use. These profiles can be associated with Tab Groups and Favorites, allowing for better organization and easier access to relevant information. This feature provides users with the flexibility to maintain separate browsing environments and ensures a more streamlined and efficient web browsing experience on Apple’s browser.

Health app –

The Health app is now available on iPad, filling a previously missing feature. With the larger screen size, users can take advantage of detailed and interactive charts within the Health app. These charts provide a comprehensive visualization of health data, enabling users to track and monitor their progress more effectively. The addition of the Health app on iPad enhances the overall health and wellness experience, allowing users to conveniently access and analyze their health data with improved clarity and ease.


New Macs –

Apple’s latest 15-inch MacBook Air boasts six speakers, delivering an immersive spatial audio experience. With its improved performance, it is twice as fast and features a brighter display that is twice as bright as previous models. Notably, it offers 50% more battery life compared to other PCs. Priced at $1299, the new MacBook Air is equipped with the M2 chip, providing an impressive 18-hour battery life. It is also touted as the world’s thinnest book.

For students, Apple offers the new MacBook Air at a special price of $1,199, providing an excellent option for educational needs.

Mac Studio updated –

Apple is set to unveil the M2 Max chip for its Mac Studio, providing substantial performance improvements. The M2 Max chip boasts a 25% speed increase compared to the previous M1 Max, elevating performance to unprecedented levels. Notably, it offers a remarkable 50% faster rendering capabilities, particularly beneficial for demanding applications like After Effects. This remarkable combination ensures that professionals utilizing the Mac Studio enjoy streamlined and efficient workflows, empowering them to work with enhanced speed and productivity.

New Game Porting Toolkit –

Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit for Metal simplifies game evaluation on macOS, while ‘Game Mode’ prioritizes gaming by allocating higher CPU and GPU resources. These enhancements optimize performance and improve the gaming experience on Mac.

Introduces two new chips –

Apple is unveiling two new chips, the M2 Max and the M2 Ultra, showcasing their commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance. The M2 Max offers an impressive 25% speed increase compared to its predecessor, the M1 Max. Apple claims that it surpasses the fastest Mac powered by Intel, providing a substantial boost in performance.

On the other hand, the M2 Ultra is designed for even more demanding tasks, with support for an impressive 192 GB of unified memory. This substantial memory capacity ensures smooth operation and efficiency for resource-intensive applications and workflows.

With the introduction of these chips, Apple aims to deliver exceptional performance and power to its users, further solidifying its position as a leader in the technology industry.

Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro is an upcoming mixed reality headset being developed by Apple. It aims to integrate digital media with the real world, enabling users to interact with the system using physical inputs such as motion gestures, eye tracking, and voice commands. The headset itself is a standalone device running visionOS.

With visionOS, Apple’s latest operating system, users gain a range of capabilities. They can easily make notes, engage in FaceTime calls, organize documents, design graphics, and communicate with contacts via text messaging.

Kaushik Nayak

Kaushik Nayak

Senior iOS developer at Comviva