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Business Strategy

IPR and M&As: how to protect the value whilst leveraging the full potential

Some dealmakers believe that IPR is something that needs to be left to lawyers and does not come under the purview of the dealmakers themselves. Nothing could be further from…
Neeraj Jain
23rd February 2021
Business Strategy

10 Questions a Buyer Ought to Address Before Embarking on a Merger and Acquisition Process

So, you are the chief financial officer (CFO) and today’s the day you are meeting senior colleagues to brainstorm on how to grow the company. You enter the room thinking…
Neeraj Jain
12th February 2021

Nudges and Influences in Financial Services

Application of Behavioral Economics Principles Introduction Analogous to several corporates across other sectors, Financial Institutes (FIs) have inwards-looking business goals to meet. Retail banks constantly strive to acquire new consumers…
Yogesh Joshi
3rd February 2021
Digital Lifestyle Solutions

Keeping Distance, Socially: Jumping onto the Social Viewing Bandwagon

Despite the trail of destruction left in its wake, has the ongoing pandemic created a “black swan” moment for online streaming services, albeit unintentionally? To put it in a nutshell,…
Shivangi Maheshwari
25th January 2021

All That Happened India’s FinTech Industry In 2020

While the pandemic, extended periods of lockdown, unemployment and Covid-19 numbers grabbed all the headlines, there was much to cheer and celebrate about the new milestones in the TechFin/Fintech/financial services…
Monica Jasuja
18th January 2021
Digital Lifestyle Solutions

Why Digital Transformation entails Jumping Head-First into the 5G Era

The era of 5G is well and truly upon us, following much hoopla and hype. Ironically, however, despite becoming an almost ubiquitous subject, it is still shrouded in an air…
Piyush Prasad
9th January 2021
Mobile Financial Solutions

Three Technologies, 3 Banking Use Cases

In the midst of the black swan year 2020, technological evolution continued at a steady pace, and so were the applications of such technologies. Plentiful banking use cases were put…
Yogesh Joshi
9th January 2021
Mobile Data Platform

The Future of USSD in the Telecommunications space

Over the past few decades, USSD technology has carved its own space in the telecom industry. It has enabled a gamut of services, such as mobile banking, customer services, etc.…
Ajay Kulkarni
10th December 2020
Software Engineering and Technology

Simplifying the Game: Why Chatbots ought to be central to one’s Customer Experience Strategy

We are living in a world where customer service has become as important, as the quality of the product or good an organisation is selling. Less than a decade ago,…
Chandan Kumar Ghosh
3rd December 2020
Mobile Financial Solutions

Taking a Quantum Leap in Digital Banking

Background In the 1970s, the first home computer was introduced. Almost two decades later, the World Wide Web (www) made its debut, thus ushering in a revolution that enabled universal…
Yogesh Joshi
3rd December 2020

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