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Software Engineering and Technology

Simplifying the Game: Why Chatbots ought to be central to one’s Customer Experience Strategy

We are living in a world where customer service has become as important, as the quality of the product or good an organisation is selling. Less than a decade ago,…
Chandan Kumar Ghosh
3rd December 2020
Mobile Financial Solutions

Taking a Quantum Leap in Digital Banking

Background In the 1970s, the first home computer was introduced. Almost two decades later, the World Wide Web (www) made its debut, thus ushering in a revolution that enabled universal…
Yogesh Joshi
3rd December 2020
Mobile Data Platform

Microservices and Containerization

Software companies, both large and small, are embracing microservices as a superior approach to application development and management. This is compared to the earlier monolithic model that combines a software…
Piyush Jaiswal
30th October 2020
Consumer Value SolutionsCustomer Experience Management

Artificial Intelligence for Telecom Companies in the Covid Scenario

Unprecedented Covid 19 pandemic is impacting the entire globe and all business lines - telecom companies are no exception and are impacted as well.  On a positive note, telecom companies…
Mukund Shastri
22nd October 2020
Mobile Data Platform

How Containerization Actually Works

Each container is an executable package of software, running on top of a host OS. A host(s) may support many containers (tens, hundreds or even thousands) concurrently, such as in…
Piyush Jaiswal
21st October 2020

A Structured Approach to Business Transformation to Remain Competitive amidst a Shifting Market Environment

More often than not, businesses find themselves in an interesting conundrum. Once started off well and managed to carve a niche in the market no longer entails that level of…
Manish Jain
8th October 2020
Mobile Financial Solutions

Five Ways to Extend Mobile Money Penetration in Rural Areas

Financial inclusion is rising rapidly. According to the World Bank, globally, 69 per cent of adults or 3.8 billion people held an account at a financial institution in 2017, up…
Mohit Bhargava
8th October 2020
Mobile Data Platform


Containerization has become a major trend in software development as an alternative or companion to virtualization. It involves encapsulating or packaging up software code and all its dependencies so that…
Piyush Jaiswal
8th October 2020
Internet & Broadband Solutions

The 5G Era: Ushering in New Models, New Capabilities and New Challenges

With advanced 5G deployments in the pipeline, people have many questions about 5G as a technology, its applications, and different use cases, and how is it going to impact the…
16th September 2020

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