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AI & Machine Learning thwarts threat to enterprise messaging ecosystems

Deshbandhu Bansal, chief operating officer, Messaging Solutions at Comviva Technologies looks at the importance of controlling messaging Enterprise loves messaging; it allows them to engage their customers in the most…
Deshbandhu Bansal
6th March 2020
Guest Blogs

The Digital Enterprise: Outperforming Your Competition

With the digital world of data becoming the focal point of discussions and innovation, there is unparalleled hype over what it takes to be a digital enterprise in this day…
Ronald Van Loon
3rd March 2020

Digital transformation in the BSS space

For today’s operators, the buck doesn’t stop at merely ensuring profitability and retaining customers. The advent of over-the-top players, rapidly shrinking average revenues per user, et all, have changed long-standing…
Tanveer Mahmood
14th January 2020

AI Cannot be Merely Deployed. There are Larger Implications

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is certainly a popular buzzword in the industry today and according to surveys by TM Forum, many have now “deployed” AI and are looking to scale. But…
Greg Armstrong
28th November 2019
Guest Blogs

Why Data Monetization is a “Must Have” for Operators Today

A growing number of operators and organizations in today’s world are tilted towards the use of data-driven strategies. Data is the key to success for organizations today and operators have…
Ronald Van Loon
28th November 2019
Mobile Financial Solutions

Digitizing the Future of Development

Fortuitous circumstances led me to visit the United Nations during the General Assembly week not too long ago. I was amongst the privileged few to participate as a panelist at…
Srinivas Nidugondi
26th November 2019

Micro-service Architecture

Approach of solution designing and architecting has undergone an evolution with the concept of micro services. Monolithic architecture is still of use for certain types of applications but the need…
23rd November 2019

Tackling global health challenges with Digital Payments

While medical science has, without a doubt, made significant strides over the past decade, challenges such as Ebola and Cholera still persist. Unlike the past, however, the global community is…
Mohit Bhargava
23rd October 2019

The Reality of Digital Disruption

To stay ahead of the curve, every organization today is pulling out all the stops to “digitally disrupt” the marketplace. In this process, however, the finer nuances are often lost,…
12th October 2019
Guest Blogs

Beyond “Data Monetization”: The Telco at the Centre of a Digital Consumer Ecosystem

Telcos have long attempted to monetize their access to subscribers and their data about these subscribers, with a mixed record of success.  These attempts have manifested as simple targeted SMS…
Kushe Bahl
26th September 2019

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