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Telcos and Developers Pioneering a New Era of Telecom Innovation

As a developer, I once worked on an application that required me to integrate with over 40 different IN (Intelligent Network), OCS (Online Charging System) systems, and payment gateways. This…
Ketan Shinde
17th October 2023

Reflecting on The WebAssembly Canvas Catalyst

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9th October 2023

ADriN: Redefining Connectivity in the Digital Ecosystem

Redefining Connectivity in the Digital Ecosystem: “ADriN, the Experience of the Future” to be Unveiled at DTW 2023 Imagine a bustling factory floor, where AGVs (automated guided vehicles) harmoniously transport…
Anindita Raychoudhuri
12th September 2023

Micro-service architecture: Doing it the right way!

Approach of solution designing and architecting has undergone an evolution with the concept of micro services. Monolithic architecture is still of use for certain types of applications but the need…
7th September 2023

SAML Single Sign On

Stressed Out About “Too Many Passwords”? An Employee joins a new organization, on very first day of his joining he is given access to his email account and once he…
Akhilesh Mittal
29th August 2023
Image related to integration testing in iOS development - ComvivaBlogs

iOS — Integration Tests — Development/ Staging/ Production

Writing down Integration Tests — help improve efficiency & stability of product while the app modules grows. Apple provides UI Tests for the same — which adheres to black box…
Kaushik Nayak
25th August 2023

Composable APIs: Fuelling Innovation in Enterprise-Telecom Solutions

Current trend and problem statement The rise of smart devices and applications has led to a paradigm shift in business and monetization models. This ecosystem is becoming more digital and…
Vidhi Mehta
25th August 2023

Unlocking Lag-Free Gaming: How ADriN Reshapes Customer Experience

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, and I had grand plans to catch up on some much-needed sleep before the dreaded Monday alarm clock chimed. Just as I was about…
Aishwarya Javkhedkar
25th August 2023
Industry 4.0 Evolution - ComvivaBlogs

Industry 4.0 Evolution: Transforming Manufacturing with Network-Aware Applications

The current scenario within India's manufacturing sector parallels the monumental advent of the Internet. Historically, domestic demand has been the primary driver of manufacturing, with limited competition from foreign counterparts.…
Ayush Agarwal
24th August 2023

Crush Tasks, Boost Campaigns: Dominate With Out-of-the-Box Generative AI Power

Power your campaigns with effortless efficiency using ready-to-go generative AI capabilitiesComviva's AI journey began in 2017 with a mission of crafting Automated AI Products and Solutions. . The result? A…
24th August 2023

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