What are IT managed services?

IT managed services reduce an operator’s foreseen problems by taking proactive measures. This is to ensure that they have sufficient time and resources to continually deliver quality offerings. IT managed services have brought in a paradigm shift in the way the operators deal with their technology. Instead of following the old-schools tradition of “fix-as-it-breaks”, operators are now transforming their business with IT managed services that focuses on the prevention of such breakdown issues, before they disrupt service delivery, management, employees or users.

 Importance of IT managed services

The concept of IT managed services and emergence of managed service providers is not new to the industry. Lately, though, as technology is becoming more complex and telecom operators’ perspective is shifting from being reactive to proactive, the value of IT managed services is increasing too. This is evident from the fact that managed service providers are increasingly adopting remote monitoring tools where they can monitor operator’s environment and proactively troubleshoot the issues.

managed service

The benefits accrued by this service include:

  • Enhance focus on the core business functions
  • Lower risks like cost risk, productivity risks, downtime and liability.
  • Ensure higher network availability
  • Assist in meeting regulatory compliance requirements
  • Help in integrating re-engineering and intra-organizational changes
  • Reduce total cost of ownership and provide substantial cost savings
  • Segregate resources as per the competency and project activities
  • The potential to generate considerably higher margins
  • The advantage of a recurring revenue stream
  • Availability of highly relevant, personalized, content-rich and contextually aware timely support.


Going forward, IT managed services will focus on revolutionizing the wide area network to deliver better connectivity, reduced complexity and lowered down costs. Business agility, customer experience and new digital service developments in telecom operations will all come to the fore in this increasingly competitive industry and IT managed services are the integrated way to achieve them.



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