Mobile messaging solutions to connect with the customers

Mobile messaging has maintained its status as the most effective and economical way of reaching, engaging and interacting with customers. However, integrating the mobile messaging feature into the existing platforms, accurately tracking the response rates, handling bulk SMS and mapping the same with meaningful CRM data may prove to be challenging.

Leading mobile messaging service providers process more than 120 million P2P and A2P messages every month. Bulk services help them integrate mobile messaging platform into their core business system and thus enable them to fully automate their customer contact programs. The P2P and A2P messaging solutions are cost effective and also they ensure a high ROI along with significantly reduced operational costs.

The most effective mobile messaging solutions include:

Enterprise Communication Platform

In order to keep with the requirement of being recognized as a trusted network and protect subscribers from any kind of spam or fraudulent messaging, mobile service operators need to deploy a solution that will reduce the amount of malicious content on the network and in turn contribute to enhanced revenues. The key benefits include applicability across industries, simplified service experience, optimized cost and an enhanced consumer experience.

Integrated Messaging Platform

Deploying the integrated messaging platform enables mobile service operators to trim overheads, at the same time efficiently planning and managing the messaging infrastructure. All these benefits are achieved by consolidating disparate infrastructures and services across the various messaging channels such as SMS, MMS, IP messaging, USSD and voicemail into a single platform.

The benefits of an integrated messaging platform includes significant CAPEX and OPEX savings, multi-channel messaging experience, simplified service experience, robust system architecture, accelerated time to market and improved customer satisfaction.

IP Messaging

IP Messaging is paving the path to change the landscape of digital communications for new age customers. Mobile operators are rapidly scaling up their services, and thus they require managing a cost effective ecosystem to generate new revenue streams at the same time. IP messaging enables seamless messaging through mobile devices across all available networks and social communities. It allows the operators to provide an unmatched messaging experience in order to remain relevant, increase retention, boost loyalty and revenue.

The benefits of IP messaging include enriched user experience, availability of advanced messaging services and seamless messaging experience.


In order to accommodate the inevitable growth in the text messaging traffic worldwide, without any kind of interconnectivity or interoperability issues, the mobile service operators are readily inking various roaming and interworking agreements. In order to collectively overcome these challenges, the SMS Hub offers a straight-forward and efficient method of establishing, extending and managing interoperability with various global connections. This ensures a better coverage of the SMS facility.

The benefits of SMS hub include increased global reach, reduced capital expenditure and an enhanced customer service.

SMS Firewall

Mobile technologies are becoming more sophisticated. Now, a connection is established between the wallet and the mobile devices, increased data consumption and content. Simultaneously, security threats have also become a greater than ever concern for the mobile service operators. In order to be considered as a trusted network and protect the service subscribers from fraudulent messaging and spam, the service providers need deploying a solution targeted as the reduction of malicious message contents on the network and increase the revenue. SMS Firewall enables the operator as well as the subscriber to detect, filter and block the unwanted SMS messages from the network.

The benefits of SMS Firewall include detection of spam/phishing in the network and detection of social engineering scams.

What is mobile messaging solution

Key features to evaluate an enterprise mobile messaging solution

  • Strong Security
  • Enhanced control
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Dependable message transmission


Mobile messaging solutions ensure high quality connections and network reliability. These can serve in multiple ways including text reminders, marketing messages, service messages, appointment reminders, receipts, alerts, surveys, vouchers and coupons.

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